Ways to Kick off Spring in a Nursing Home Facility 

Every new start to a season comes with excitement and anticipation for the future and what the months ahead have in store. For nursing home residents, these seasons mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives with activities and a fresh start. What better way to get them excited and keep that momentum going than with some fun and family-friendly activities to kick off the Spring season? Spring is uniquely fun because everyone is getting out of the long and dreary winter and are looking forward to the warm air, sunshine and fresh life that will be all around soon. There are many ways you can celebrate this new life and season while in an assisted living facility. Capitalizing on these times of year can really make a difference in your residences lives as they look forward with excitement to what you have planned for them to really make their lives that much better. 

Have a Garden Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 

While not everyone at your facility will have a green thumb, a fun event for everyone could be a garden ribbon cutting ceremony. For those that want to, have residents choose what they want to grow in the garden for this season. It could be anything from flowers to fresh fruits or vegetables. This can help get them involved and invested early in the season and allow them to have something to look forward to as their plants grow. Then you can host a ribbon cutting ceremony to signify the opening of the gardening season! You can even have introductory activities leading up to the ceremony. Some activities could include:

  • Creating, building, and decorating bird feeders
  • Designing and making garden mosaics 
  • Painting ceramics to put in the garden

Host a Spring Tea Party

How can you not love a good tea party? This festive event is one that everyone can enjoy and a really great way to ring in that Spring spirit. You can make the event a really special one by encouraging everyone to dress up in their best dress with all the fancy accessories. Coordinate with the dining crew to have a meal spread with tea, sandwiches, lemonade, fruit spreads, cheese and crackers to all go along with the theme of a tea party. Memory care Pocatello does a great job with these kinds of events that really promote everyone at every stage being able to participate in them. Spice up the party by including a photo shoot to take pictures of everyone in their best dress to include in the newsletter or to post on their social media pages. Including different festive backgrounds for pictures is a fun way to mix it up as well. 

Make it Different 

The changing of the seasons is a great chance to really liven things up. Take the opportunity to make your daily activities different with some events that can really prove to be beneficial in your residents lives. Mixing it up and making it different gives that sense of excitement throughout the community and helps to give everyone something to look forward to. These events promote socialization and can improve the quality of life and happiness for everyone involved – residents and staff alike.