Encouraging your seniors to follow a healthy lifestyle can boost the quality of their life and increase longevity. As a person who provides caregiving services to your aging loved one, you need to motivate them to make a healthy lifestyle to remain independent and enjoy starting their habitual activities. If you look for working tips on motivating seniors to be more active and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the following 6 recommendations should come in handy for you. 

Make a Realistic Plan

Seniors need to adopt new healthy activities slowly. For example, if your relative starts doing exercises, wait for a couple of weeks until you introduce them to a new exercise routine. This way, they can adjust to one lifestyle change and then slowly move to other exercises. 

Give your relative realistic timeframes, which let them get adjusted to new habits. If you want to help your loved person give up a bad habit like smoking, don’t expect they will give it up immediately. Keep on motivating them each day, which will eventually help them get the habit altogether. 

With the help of professional senior caregivers, you can help your aging relative maintain a healthy lifestyle. A caregiver can help them with transportation, medical appointments, social events, activities, and running everyday tasks like grooming, housekeeping, and bathing. 

Help Them Understand Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle 

Sometimes it’s enough to share the knowledge to encourage a person to make positive life changes. You can motivate and encourage seniors to run a healthy lifestyle by explaining how to stay physically active, eat healthily, visit the doctor regularly, and how such activities can help them lower the risk of insomnia, infections, and other age-related illnesses. 

Customize the Active Lifestyle Plan

The activities that work well for one person may not fit another one. While working on the plan of healthy lifestyle activities, consider your beloved person’s current health, abilities, schedule, and other important factors. The clearer and less complicated your plan sounds, the better. 

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Make a plan based on eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, and maintaining strong social ties. Focus on creating a plan that caters to the specific needs of your loved ones’. You may also focus on delivering mentally stimulating activities that can delay or decline the onset of dementia.

Adopt Changes Together 

To make it easier for your loved ones to adopt changes in their life, consider making changes in your own life also. If you want your relatives to start exercising, join them as they go to the gym or simply leave for a walk. Find time in the schedule to plan fun outings that boost mental, physical, and emotional health. You can also support your loved person as you start attending doctor together. 

Celebrate Milestones

How much time has passed since your loved person started exercising, eating healthier, or stopped smoking? Do not miss an opportunity to celebrate their milestones together. Treat your loved ones to something special after every health screening. No matter how minor the changes may be, every change is a big achievement. Your support will help them feel motivated to keep moving further. 

Show Your Empathy 

It’s not easy for seniors to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They may feel like they want to give up at some moment. In such cases, you need to show your support and empathy to support your relatives when you notice them displaying negative behavior. Stay calm and encourage them to keep going and focus on results. 

These are small steps that should help you encourage your relative to achieve big results. It may be difficult to start, but the results are worth every effort that you make.


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