Warcore: What is the trend all about?

The fashion industry is actually reinventing itself from year to year and it is rare for designers to create trends that throw everything off track. Among other things, the driving forces behind the changes are the rapidly changing designers, but also social media and the increased interest in sustainability

For fashion, however, that is by no means a reason to throw all principles overboard. It is not uncommon for certain trends to appear in the shops very quickly, but then disappear again just as quickly. There are also movements such as Normcore or Gorbcore, which have been talked about for a while. Warcore outfit has now been promoted by the fashion magazine Vogue. But what is this trend all about and can we assume that it will prevail in the long term?

How does a trend emerge?

Designers in fashion usually get inspiration from everything that is happening around them. It should be clear that this also creates trends that not everyone likes. Among other things, Gucci triggered a real hype with its headscarves – both negatively and positively. When it comes to different cultures, there is always a lot of criticism. You don’t always have to welcome it when fashion uses corners that are usually not so well represented there. But there are also other examples. Military influences have been established since the 1970s. Be it full coats in the military look, the pure camo pattern or individual details such as buttons or epaulettes, which are otherwise only found on generals’ clothing – the military has created and influenced many trends.

Fashion as individualization

Fashion and the emerging trends help many people to realize themselves. The basic idea behind it has always been that everyone should wear what they like without being judged for it. Of course, every trend has its limits. Especially when boundaries are crossed. But as long as this doesn’t happen, designers should be given the creative freedom that has produced so many timeless trends over the past few decades.