Want to create a strong Instagram following? Here are top strategies that work

To establish your online presence, Instagram is without any doubt one of the ideal platforms. It’s one of the most widely utilized platforms all across the globe. It either gives you an option to build a personal profile or you can choose to build a business profile. For small to large businesses out there, the second option is more suitable but it offers you much more features, which can be of your interest.

The most difficult part is building your presence here but once you are done, the entire process of spreading the word becomes easy. Attracting followers to your Instagram profile & consequently to your site isn’t an easy task. It requires much effort & time from your end. If you need to build a strong presence on Instagram as a company or brand, here you are at the right place.

Buy Instagram followers cheap

When we generally talk about building a strong presence on Instagram, the first & foremost strategy that comes to our mind is buy real Instagram followers Australia method. With this strategy, you pay to a specific service provider that you think is reliable & get the followers instantly for your personal or business profiles.

Why this strategy is adopted all over the world & is considered effective as well? In fact, instead of getting followers one by one for your new profiles, this strategy gives you the desired number of followers all at once. The people who visit your profile gets an impression that you are a known & reliable entity otherwise no one follows you with a few followers. You get thousands of people to listen to you via buy Instagram followers strategy.

Create engaging & unique content consistently

After you are done with building your presence via buy Instagram followers cheap strategy, now you are supposed to create a steady stream of engaging, unique & high-quality content regarding your business or brand to attract more & more followers. Creating this kind of content isn’t only necessary to get more followers but to retain the existing ones too. For establishing the pace for your Instagram audience, one must post several times a day to engage them.

As your followers grow so you must also boost the frequency of posting. Here is a simple but effective guide for you.

  • 1000 followers:- one or maximum two times a day
  • 1000 – 10,000 followers:- two to three times a day
  • 10,000 – 50,000 followers:- three to four times a day
  • 50,000 – 100,000 followers:- Four to five times a day
  • 100,000 – 500,000 followers:- Five to six times a day

Play with several content types

Images: This is the most common content type the people usually prefer to post on Instagram. The visual content appeal to customers, undoubtedly. But, when people see images everywhere, it usually bores them. You can make your profile a bit more interesting for your audience by posting one of the following content types.


To deliver amazing video content to your audience, you can take advantage of two things here; IGTV & native video player. From the various stats across Instagram, it is proven that video graphical content get more Instagram likes because it engages users with high probability.


Stories let your audience quickly engage with your posts, due to their limited lifespan. Create unique but short videos to grab the attention of your audience.

GIFS & Boomerang videos:

Don’t have videos to post on your timeline? No worries because GIFS & Boomerang videos can serve as good alternatives.

Carousel photos:

Creating storybooks with Carousel is the best idea other than posting more than a few random pictures at a time.

Interaction with the Instagram community is MUST

To the interest of your followers, you must actively engage with them. For this to work properly, you can post several queries, which are interesting for them too to actively participate. You can Thank them, address them in your posts, tag them, reply to their comments or messages, etc. One more way to get their attention is to have a question answer session, where you can encourage them to ask as much as they want.

Interacting with current followers is good but with this, you must also interact with your potential followers. Seek the relevant & interesting profiles, leave good comments & they will surely get back to your profiles too.