Voice Over What No One is Talking About

Voice Over is challenging to make but it is a multibillion industry. This industry is booming across the globe. The Voice industry is called a sleeping giant because of the potential it has. 

One report says it has a prospect of about $4 billion annually. The voice over the market is not restricted to the entertainment or commercial industries. It is used in various fields.

These days voice overs are used extensively in digital content. But do you know most of the times it is not a human who speaks? Yes, it is possible to create voice overs through online AI based platforms. They act as text to speech online converters. You type in the text and it releases voice overs in natural human sounds within seconds. Content creators are relying on these platforms and making voice overs in bulk and for free. Check out a few types of content where this technique is used: 


For any informative program on the Environment or any documentary, the voice over is always the best choice. Text to voice technique easily demonstrates educational or biographical documentaries to the audience. 

Advertisement and Marketing 

To draw customers’ attention companies always try to make advertisements engaging and interesting.  With glitters, if any commercial ad contains some relevant information, then it draws more leads. 


Voice over is a successful and attractive way for eLearning platforms.  Here the audience from multilingual backgrounds can understand the study material, concepts easily with the voice Techniques. In schools or corporate sectors voice over is used to launch and demonstrate various ideas. Sometimes various training, campaigning use this technique. 

Podcast and Audiobooks

In this new world of technology where books are mainly read in digital mode, voice-over has become a popular technique.  You can use a text to audio converter to convert your script in an audio to be used for podcase. Audiobooks are read by voice-over artists to make them more attractive.  

Cartoons and Anime

This field requires professional voice-over artists because it is a parallel film industry. Varios voice over and dubbing artists needs are not eliminated by the use of AI based text to speech converters. 

How can YouTube help you with voice-over?

You can seek help from YouTube to make a voice over. Many instructional videos on a platform, speechmax is available and they can teach you step by step methods of making voice over. You can make your brand as a voice-over artist without even speaking a work. The simple methods are

  1. You can upload your text on speechmax.ai. 
  2. Now you can select the voice for voice over. 
  3. Download or share it on digital platforms. 

Can you make voice over without a voice over artist?

Yes, you can. If you want to make a voice over you don’t need a voice-over artist. You can make it by yourself with the help of fulsome software and application. You will be surprised to know that, you can make a voice over for free but you have to make it online. This is the a hidden gem that no one in taking about in voice over industry.