Founders of Vlone;

Vlone is projected in year 2011,in Harlem the city of new York. The harlem is known as the the city of art and fashion. Most of them connect with music industry except lan conor. If you can pay fully attention to ASAP Rocky it will give you more fashion brand.

Vlone Logo History;

The Logo of Vlone put heavy impression on customers. VELONE gives the ideal message that ‘you come alone in world and also die alone’ from the movie Donnie Dark. The main hero of the movies talk to a lady that’ Every living thing comes alone and also die alone.

According to ASAP Bari ,the main thing is minus sign means zero, it means zero friend or no friend. We just explain in other word alone or Vlone. The ‘friend’ is most popular brand of  Vlone and  is also most important part of Vlone.

Vlone become most popular brand among young generation such that both boys and girls. Vlone is a world wide brand its product use all over the world. Typically we can says that more stylish and fashionable products are only made by Vlone. All accessories have ‘V’ Logo on them. V Lone always represent the unity. The minus sign take fame ,this logo indicate minus food, minus money, minus health.

About Vlone stuff;

Vlone is world wide brand so there is no compromise on quality as well as on quantity. There is unique stlye and breathtaking print of this brand. Vlone offers high quality clothes and  aye catching appearance. The fibers are very strong which make it comfortable and wear it for long time. The main aim of this Vlone brand that the customers look beautifull and stylish. Every print is attract the people and spread the love. The pure cotton is used to makes the clothes and the air pass through it which makes it more and more comfortable and reliable.

Size of Vlone accessories;

Vlone brand is look forward and believe on top quality products and possible rates. Although we see that some of its product are cheap but it does not means that the material is ruff. The Vlone brand offers wide variety of size and style. The size is XXL up to 4XL. 

The Vlone afforest hoodies, shirts ,jackets , wallpaper etc.

Vlone Wallpaper;

Vlone offers best quality of wallpapers which highlight your mobile and laptop screen. Its class and look gives your more glamorous. The reality of living thing is live alone and die alone. You can easily change your mobile phone wallpaper as per your mood. The wallpaper gives your laptop screen more pretty and beautiful. You can easily download your favorite wallpaper by browsing over internet.

Vlone hoodies;

The hoodies are the main and best product of Vlone brand. The hoodies made of with high quality fabrics. The V Logo is print on the front of hoodies which makes it more beautiful. The hoodies of this brand is different depends upon yours collection. It protects us to cold weather and keeps your body warm. You can buy online by visiting our Vlone Merch. The stock of hoodies is ready to sale.