Virtual Games That are Fun to Play with Family and Friends

Family game nights are a great way to bond with each other. It allows you to know them well and spend quality time. Thanks to technology now you can easily have family or friends games night even when you all are not living under one roof. Bringing you is a list of virtual games that are nail-biting, competitive, enjoyable, and can make you even win some money too.

1. Online Ludo Game: The mere mention of the word ludo, brings back so many childhood memories, we have grown up playing this game with our siblings, friends, and even parents. Imagine reliving those memories again? Gamezy Ludo makes it possible. All it needs is you and your family members or friends to download the app and start playing this classic board game. 2-4 players can play this game at the same time, the first person to run all the 4 tokens from start to finish wins the game. Usually, this game is played for entertainment but if you want to take it to the next level, then you can also participate in Gamezy Super Ludo to play and win real cash!

2. Online Carrom: Another classic game that’s played in several Indian households by young and old with the same zeal is carrom. Now imagine if you could play this virtually with your friends? Amazing right? Just like the normal board game, online carrom is also all about pocketing the maximum number of coins before your competitors do. If you pocket the Queen then make sure to have a cover coin pocketed immediately, otherwise, the Queen has to be placed back in the center of the board.

3. Online Rummy Game: You can easily get started with Gamezy Rummy App to play your favorite card game rummy online with your family and friends! Rummy is the most loved card game across the world. It is believed to have originated in either China or Mexico and it traveled to India in the 18th century, since then there has been no looking back for this game. There are several versions of online rummy games that you can enjoy playing like 13 card rummy, point rummy, 21 point rummy, 201 pool rummy to name a few. You can also play this game with other professionals arround the world to win cash prizes.


4. Fantasy Cricket: We know how you and your friends like to cheer the Indian team cricket team during matches. Sometimes even engaging in healthy debate on which cricket player is the best! If the world of cricket fascinates you, then online fantasy cricket by Gamezy is your way to go. You and your friends can make a dream team of 11 real cricket players from around the world who are engaged in playing genuine matches. You can participate in different matches like ODI, T20, test matches, or even leagues to win attractive prizes. The important thing to remember is that you pick a well-balanced team, and evaluate the player’s form before finalizing any name.

Apart from the above games, several other virtual games like 8 ball pool, fruit slice are so much fun and provide a great opportunity to share some lighter moments with your family and friends.