Vintage Art Deco Jewelry: Jewelry of An Era

The Art Deco Movement:

All those interested in antique and vintage jewelry must have heard of the term ‘Art Deco’. The jewelry that was designed between the 1920s to ’30s. Greatly influenced by a movement of that time, that was taking place all around the world – The Art Deco Movement. 

The term Art Deco taken from the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Art, organized in 1925 in France. The explosion attended by numerous designers, artists, and celebrities from the fashion world. 

Affecting History:

It is a fact that no other era has ever continued to resonate throughout history so emphatically as the Art Deco era. The exposition in 1925 in France saw the emergence of the Art Deco style. Popularly known as the ‘Style Moderne‘. That made the entire world fall for it, inspiring the creation of some of the finest and exquisite jewels and jewelry of that era. 

The art deco jewelry, created in the past was purely original and still commands very high prices today. There have been several eras throughout history, but only a few have influenced the world so much like Art Deco. 

Jewelry of the Era:

Vintage Art Deco Jewelry is bold in style and easily recognizable. The jewelry of the era was highly inspired by the then times as its art, architecture, furniture, and fashion. The jewelry of the Art Deco age is easily recognizable and continues to inspire every design even today. The Art Deco period drew away from all those expensive and fancy jewelry, as the era popularized the concept of fancy jewelry. These designs were bold, heavy, bright, and more geometric than any other period that came earlier to it. Parallel to the birth of jazz, women’s liberalization, and mechanize products. Vintage Art Deco Jewelry was more masculine and bolder and showcased more playful designs.   

Boldness of Art Deco jewelry:

Another aspect that plays a vital role in the design and boldness of Art Deco jewelry is that the period. When the world was going through the phase of the Great Depression. This forced designs of the era to be more conservative. Jewels and jewelry of the age had smaller settings to make the stone in them look bigger. Precious metals used in the war effort, causing a shortage and turn towards costume jewelry. With the availability of fewer materials to work with, artisans tried to make every piece most attractive. They can and which makes each piece of jewelry of the era exquisite and popular. 

Iconic jewels of the 1920s:

Art Deco is a style that still captures the attention of the world. As it did during the twenties and thirties. The jewelry of the era continues to appeal to millions around the globe. Experimentation and innovation drove the art deco era that still trends today. Art Deco era that the diamond cutters also tired began to innovate. It was also this era that show the emergence of cultural pearls. And became one of the iconic jewels of the 1920s. 

The Art Deco duration drew farther from all the ones high priced and fancy rings, because the generation popularized the idea of fancy rings. These designs had been bold, heavy, bright, and extra geometric than every other duration that got here in advance to it. Parallel to the birth of jazz, womens liberalization, and mechanize products.

Generation Of Diamond:

Vintage engagement rings became extra masculine and bolder and showcased extra playful designs.The rings of the generation maintains to attraction to tens of thousands and thousands round the globe. Experimentation, that also tendencies today. It became the Art Deco generation that the diamond cutters additionally worn-out commenced to innovate. It became additionally this period that display the emergence of cultural pearls and have become one of the enduring jewels of the 1920s.