Video Ads are New Tradition for Marketing

Many marketers are in a dilemma about whether they should incorporate video advertisements into their business strategy. With the advancement of the digital industry, Digital Marketing is a given that video marketing has become the new best thing. Many marketers across the globe are leveraging video marketing to bring success to their businesses.

To stay ahead and competitive in the marketplace, video marketing your products and services is a must. Here are a few prime reasons for video advertisements that will convince you why you need them in your advertising strategy. 

1. Users are Viewing More Videos 

Users watch over 4 billion videos on YouTube daily. About 92% of B2B prospects view online videos. About one-third of online shoppers and offline shoppers invest in a product after viewing a video related to it.

Such statistics only suggest how much video advertisements have an impact on your prospective customers. Video advertisements play a fundamental role in influencing the decisions of your potential customers. Thus, they can significantly boost your chance of increasing sales. 

2. Videos Boost Sales

The ultimate benefit of video ads is that they boost your sales. Some of the biggest companies, such as Amazon and eBay, use video ads to boost their sales. They reported that on adding video ads for their product descriptions, they noticed an increase in the number of sales up to 30%. Thus, video ads are a very smart and subtle way of changing the minds of your users or convincing them why your product may be just what you are looking for. 

3. Users Share Videos 

Another intriguing fact about video ads is that several individuals tend to share video ads that they find valuable and authentic, thereby exposing your ad to a much larger audience through the social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. This will not only increase your sales but will enhance your client base altogether. A study suggests that users share about 700 videos on Twitter each minute. This only suggests that video ads are the key to boosting your video’s exposure. 

4. Video Ads are Popular Among Mobile Users 

With the increased evolution of technology and easy access to the internet, mobile users find it easy and engaging to view video ads. With the extensive number of people that use mobile phones, you can only boost your brand’s credibility by showcasing video ads to mobile users. 

5. Videos are Easy to Create 

You cannot ignore the fact that video ads are quite effortless to create. You don’t have to be a professional to create video ads. Thanks to the evolution of technology, filming and editing videos is an easy and convenient task now. With video ads maker tools, you can create engaging, informative, and eye-catching video ads as well as you can edit your other videos and photos, thereby subtly grabbing the attention of your viewers. You can moreover even add elements like stickers, GIFs, and other special effects to enhance the quality of your videos without hiring a professional. 

6. Videos act as a great format for Educating your Viewers

Videos are implemented with both audios as well as visual elements. This is instantly appealing to viewers as it influences multiple senses. Video ads act as an excellent source for educating your viewers on your products and services. This can further play a crucial role in building a strong relationship with your customers. They’re moreover specifically effective when you create how-to guides, product launches, and so on. 

7. It’s A Great Way of Storytelling

Additionally, videos are quite the deal when it comes to telling your brand story. They evoke multiple emotions among viewers, thereby heavily influencing their decision to purchase your product. Your video’s emotional impact is a rather crucial element in determining your sales and even building a larger client base. Thus, storytelling via videos is one way to grab your viewers’ attention. 

8. Search Engines Love Video 

Last but not least, one of the biggest benefits of videos is that search engines pretty much love videos. Even the biggest search engine companies prioritize video content when tweaking their algorithms which showcase some sites comparatively higher on the rating page. Publishing videos on social media, embedding them in blogs and websites, and so on, can highly increase the chance of reaching out to your target audience and even showing up first on Google. 

Bottom Line 

When you think of it, the benefits of video marketing are boundless. Video marketing is an excellent source of strategy that has and is helping small, medium, and huge businesses reach their target audience and ultimately accomplish their business goals. These were a few of the reasons why video advertisements have taken over the industry of digital marketing. These are proven facts that suggest why video advertisements could be the next best thing for your marketing strategy.