Various Polls Conducted to Determine the Legitimacy of Bitcoin

An investigation has shown that 77% of Russian traders favor bitcoin over gold: Forex. To find out how Russian investors feel about Bitcoin, the Russian Organization of Foreign Brokers (AFD), a local self-regulatory body focusing on the exchange rates (forex) market, conducted a poll to determine how they felt about them. According to the findings of AFD, the overwhelming majority of individuals polled indicated they preferred bitcoin above gold and currency. And before we move ahead, register yourself to learn all about the bitcoin currency and its trading, check article.

Around 77 % of individuals who participated in the study said that Bitcoin is the “most forward-looking” investment on their radars: whereas just 8.8 % of those polled said gold was the most significant investment, making it the second most popular choice. “Familiar national currencies,” which garnered approximately 14 % of individuals who took part in the study, had somewhat higher preference ratings than other currencies.

Of the investors surveyed, just 23% indicated they had never used Bitcoin, suggesting that the cryptocurrency has mostly faded from public view. According to the study’s findings, those who had never used Bitcoin were just 7.6 % highly opposed to becoming engaged in the asset class. The number of respondents who were unsure if Bitcoin was a good investment was 15% of those who answered the survey.

According to EvgenyMasharov, the director of the AFD, the study has clearly shown that Russian investors no longer see Bitcoin as a “hype product,” but rather as a legitimate investment. Last year, a study performed by the World Gold Council provided some insight into the degree of Bitcoin acceptance in Russia. The results revealed that Bitcoin placed sixth in terms of popularity among investment vehicles. The increasing acceptance and popularity of Bitcoin among the Russian people stand in stark contrast to the position adopted by their government, which has been following a European trend of authoritarian viewpoints in recent years.

A Gallup Survey Revealed That Bitcoin Ownership in The United States Has Tripled Since 2018

According to a recent Gallup poll, three times as many Americans own bitcoin as three years ago. The %age of people who consider bitcoin “extremely dangerous” has dropped from 75% in 2018 to 60% in 2021, a significant drop from the previous year.

The Gallup poll found that “three years ago, a relatively tiny proportion of investors acknowledged holding bitcoin, the vast majority claimed having little understanding of it, and majorities — regardless of gender or age – showed little interest in ever purchasing it.” “The price of bitcoin has increased by more than 300 % since then, far surpassing the stock market’s approximately 40 % rise over the same time.”

As reported by Gallup, just 6 % of investors in the United States — defined as individuals with at least $10,000 invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds – claim to hold bitcoin. That %age dropped to just 2 % in 2018. However, the increase was far more significant for investors between 18 and 49, with their returns more than quadrupling to 13 %. Among senior investors, those aged 50 and older, bitcoin is considerably less dispersed, with 3 % currently reporting that they possess it, compared to 1 % only three years ago.

Other demographic disparities were discovered by Gallup as well. In the bitcoin market, male investors are three times more active than female investors, with 11 % and 3 % of the total bitcoins currently owned by male investors. According to the results of the study, men investors claimed to be more acquainted with Bitcoin than female investors, with 55 % of male investors expressing knowledge with Bitcoin compared to just 24 % of female investors. “Not only do 13 % of these very young investors hold it, but their knowledge with it and desire to purchase it has increased to levels that are nearing majority.”

It may be because younger individuals are more likely than older people to embrace new technologies. Newcomers must, of course, spend some time getting their bearings on what Bitcoin is, how it might benefit humanity, and the problems that it can – and cannot – solve. However, as more individuals fall down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, more members of society will come to see the advantages of hanging onto the most excellent form of money ever devised since, after all, keeping Bitcoin is a way of accumulating wealth.

According to the results, an independent research study released today evaluated Singapore’s knowledge, acceptance, trust, and confidence in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, resulting in 63 out of 100 for the Asian nation. By analyzing a set of parameters, the firm decides how often bitcoin and cryptocurrencies usage in a given country. The survey showed that 90 % of Singaporeans had heard of Bitcoin, with almost 40 % who own one when it came to awareness. In addition, they discovered that 57 % of respondents had a favorite cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the most popular (45 %).

The adoption rate in Singapore is high, with 82 % of those who possess cryptocurrencies retaining ownership of Bitcoin (HODL). According to the research findings, about 45 % of all bitcoin owners are male investors, with almost 30 % female investors. However, the most exciting data point revealed by the study is likely to be related to how Singaporeans see Bitcoin. Among those who answered, the vast majority (39 %) believe it is an investment asset, while just 25% believe it is a store of wealth. Only 12 % of Singaporeans consider Bitcoin to be a legitimate form of payment.