Varicose Veins: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects?

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What is minimally invasive varicose vein treatment?

Our team with extensive experience and rigorous work methodology offers the most innovative techniques for the diagnosis and the latest advances in minimally invasive varicose vein treatment.

What technical advance can we highlight in minimally invasive varicose vein treatment?

One of the most recent techniques that has shown excellent results is intravenous radiofrequency. Our center is a pioneer in the varicose vein treatment with radiofrequency. We can affirm that the results are amazing and its efficacy has been widely demonstrated. It constitutes a minimally invasive, ambulatory, innovative and alternative technique to conventional surgery. The patient returns home once the treatment is finished and can lead an everyday life without needing rest.

What is intravenous radiofrequency? How is the RFA carried out?

The RFA consists of applying a controlled thermal energy to the diseased (varicose) vein (induces collagen denaturation and contraction) with the aim of closing (obliterating) this malfunctioning vein. This way, we force the blood to circulate through those healthy veins. Unlike conventional surgery, radiofrequency avoids inguinal incisions and thigh bruises, preserving physiological inguinal drainage and reducing the formation of new veins. The procedure itself is similar to the laser, although it acts in a completely different way, the laser causes blood coagulation and the alteration of the internal layer of the vein (thrombotic occlusion), while the radiofrequency when working at a temperature very inferior and controlled in a constant way, it achieves its effect by producing an alteration (denaturation) of the proteins of the venous wall which induces an effective fibrotic occlusion.

From a technical point of view, it consists of introducing a thin bipolar catheter (2.7 mm) through a skin puncture under local anesthesia (or through a mini-incision). Under ultrasound control, the therapeutic end of the catheter is positioned at the level of the saphenous-femoral junction and progressively withdrawn as the vein closes (2.5 min). At the end of the procedure, a compression bandage is placed and the patient is recommended to walk regularly.

What are the most apparent advantages of the RFA?

Four of them are backed by comparative studies with the highest level of scientific evidence (level I) that confirm its advantages over other techniques.

Its performance under local tumescent anesthesia and on an outpatient basis (allows the patient to lead an everyday life the same day of the intervention)

It does not require a surgical approach

Less number of incisions, ecchymosis and bruising

Practical absence of postoperative pain and better quality of life

What are the candidates for varicose vein treatment?

Most patients with varicose veins can be treated using this technique, in fact in the US, 80% of patients with varicose veins are already treated using minimally invasive procedures.

There is no single varicose vein treatment, it must be individualized for each patient. We will obtain an optimal result with the correct mastery and good combination of various techniques, depending on the anatomical pattern of each individual. However, a fundamental approach derived from technological advances and widely endorsed by the scientific literature is the RFA radiofrequency.


  • Success rate greater than 96%
  • Less post-treatment pain 
  • It does not induce hyperpigmentation so it can be done in summer
  • The use of heparin is not necessary
  • No need to wear compression stockings
  • No general anesthesia
  • Immediate recovery
  • Outpatient procedure
  • No incisions or cuts are made in the skin

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