Crouch when facing good players

The best Valorant players are known for going for the head. After all, headshots increase your chances of killing your opponent and moving closer to victory. You must be aware of your opponents’ skill levels. If they’re inexperienced, they’ll most likely aim around your character’s chest. If you crouch, you’ll give them a free headshot at the same level. This is why, when facing newcomers or mediocre players, you should take a stand.

When you’re up against the best players, crouch to avoid getting shot in the head. Crouching increases the likelihood of them missing the shot. That’s when you seize the initiative and go for the kill.

Choose a gun and stick to it

You’ll start the game with only your signature pistol and an ability. The more rounds you win, the better the rewards to buy better guns in the same match. This mechanic is similar to the one found in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When you finally have enough money to buy a gun, make a wise choice. Furthermore, once you’ve decided on it, don’t keep buying newer guns.

Each gun has a different rate of fire and recoil. You’ll get better at using the weapon if you keep playing with the same gun because you’ll understand the essential components better. Changing weapons frequently will cause you to lose understanding of the gun’s recoil or rate of fire, making you a much worse shot.

Unpredictability is your friend

If there’s one thing that new Valorant players get wrong, it’s the movement. When moving in-game, you must be quick and unpredictable. Most opponents will be unable to figure out your movement patterns if your movement is erratic. Your opponent will be frustrated if you continue to move spontaneously. This frustration will result in poor aim and constant firing, as well as gun recoil. When you realize your opponent’s aim is a toss-up, you swoop out of cover and take your kill shot. This may take some practice, but it is one of the best Valorant tips you can find!

Adjusting crosshairs

Most FPS (first-person shooters) allow you to change the sensitivity of your mouse. While this is an important option, Valorant also allows you to switch between crosshairs. The crosshair is unique to each Valorant player and is only changed once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of gunplay. Once you’ve figured out how the gunplay mechanics work, you can change your crosshair. Change the color, type, and pattern of your crosshairs to make them work in your favor. There is no universal crosshair that works in every game. This valuable tip necessitates the use of trial and error to determine what works best for you. Once you’ve found the ideal crosshairs for your gameplay, you’ll be well on your way to more accurate shots and easier gunplay.

Equip the knife between gunfights

Gunfights can begin at any time in Valorant. However, there are times in the game when there is no action for a long time. During these times, you may need to sprint towards an objective or gain a better vantage point. If this situation arises, make sure you have your knife with you when you run. The knife is lighter and will allow you to run faster. Keep in mind that even a small increase in speed can save you from bullets. However, we recommend that you try this only after you’ve played your first few matches. If you try this as a complete beginner, you may not be able to equip your gun in time if a gunfight breaks out in front of you.