Vacation Ideas for Disabled Travelers in Canada

Due to a lack of accessible tourist locations and transit options, traveling can be more daunting than rewarding for those with physical limitations. Many places are beginning to prioritize accessibility. It is now easier than ever to plan a journey that is really accessible to everyone.

Canada is a world-renowned destination known for its breathtaking natural beauty from coast to coast. Knowing which parks, sites, and activities are electric wheelchair accessible might be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for every type of tourist. This blog provides information about the various places or sites you can visit in accordance with your interests.

For the Outdoor Lovers

National and provincial parks across Canada have been trying to improve wheelchair accessibility. We particularly admire the BC Parks Accessibility Guarantee’s commitment, i.e., people with disabilities should be able to participate in outdoor activities without encountering any impediments. The BC Parks Future Strategy is committed to making our recreational facilities more wheelchair accessible. Here are a few options for wheelchair or electric wheelchair accessible places in Canada.

Fundy National Park (New Brunswick)

Fundy National Park, located on Canada’s far east coast, has captured the hearts of travelers and locals alike for years. Visitors with wheelchairs are welcome to swim in the heated saltwater swimming pool. In addition to accessible camping experiences at Chignecto and Headquarter Campgrounds, Fundy National Park provides universal access to several trails, lookouts, and day-use sites. Be sure to check out Fun over 50 Holidays if you would like to know more about Fun over 50 tours

Inverness Beach, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Inverness Beach recently underwent substantial accessibility modifications with the objective of becoming Canada’s most wheelchair or electric wheelchair accessible beach. Wheelchair users may enjoy the beach and water with the use of publicly available equipment in addition to a nice promenade. Two all-terrain beach-friendly wheelchairs, matting to make walking on the sand simpler, and two floating chairs enabling individuals to go in the water are also available at the beach.

Glacier National Park (British Columbia) 

Glacier National Park draws visitors of all levels with its spectacular alpine beauty and vast valleys covered with old forests. Several campgrounds, picnic spaces, and boardwalks with informative panels are wheelchair accessible throughout the park. An all-terrain wheelchair is available for rental at the Illecillewaet Campground welcome station for routes lacking boardwalks. 

Victoria Butterfly Gardens (British Columbia)

This wonderful spot, located on Vancouver Island in Victoria, is home to hundreds of butterflies and other species. The indoor facility is roughly the size of three basketball courts and provides a completely realistic tropical experience. If you’re cool with having a fluttery creature land on you, the Butterfly Gardens is fairly accessible throughout, giving an easy-going experience. The doors do not have any automated measures to prevent the butterflies from escaping.

For the Adventurer

While adapted sports might be costly or difficult to participate in, there are a few fantastic initiatives and non-profits in Canada that look up to making sports more inclusive and accessible. Many of these programs and camps provide low-income customers with financing choices or subsidies. For those with all forms of physical limitations, athletics may be a powerful and enjoyable outlet.

Adaptive Sport Programs in Summer or Winter

Whistler Adaptive’s mission is to eliminate obstacles to adventure and learning by training athletes that have a genuine enthusiasm for what they do. Kayaking, hand-cycle touring, adapted Nordic skiing, hiking with a trail rider, and many other activities are available in group sessions, classes, or single equipment rentals. Similar groups in Ontario and Alberta, such as Cads Ontario and Rocky Mountain Adapted, make adaptive sports wheelchair-accessible in their respective locations.

Surfing at Tofino’s Chesterman Beach with Power to Be

Power To Be, a non-profit organization with programs in Vancouver and Victoria, offers inclusive programming that aims to bring individuals of all abilities together to enjoy popular outdoor activities. Pacific Surf Co. provides modified teaching and in-ocean support for their surfing trips, which utilize TrailRiders to transport surfers down the beach. Adaptive surfing is beneficial for those with movement impairments caused by spinal cord injuries because of the buoyant qualities of salt water.

Summer Camp with Camp Awakening for young people

Camp Awakening is a summer camp program in Ontario that allows children with physical limitations to gain independence by participating in sports and experiencing the outdoors. This year, they’ve added a program in which Paralympians share their enthusiasm with campers, allowing them to experience Paralympic sports with the help of renowned Canadian athletes.

For the Culture Enthusiast

The Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa

The museum’s artifact-rich shows feature maritime and land transportation, communications, space, computer technology, and many unique things from its national collection, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with science and technology. The Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification program, which certifies buildings for wheelchair or electric wheelchair accessibility, has awarded the Canada Science and Technology Museum the Accessibility Certified Gold grade, making it the first national public institution in Canada to do so.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights (Manitoba)

This museum, which is located in Winnipeg, holds a particular place in our hearts because it was designed with Universal Design in mind. The museum as a whole is not only fully accessible to individuals of all abilities, but it also provides a similarly enriching experience. Indigenous rights, Holocaust monuments, and a display on the difficulties of human rights are among the displays. This gem exemplifies one of Canada’s most attractive qualities: diversity. This museum, which is a must-see on our list, will undoubtedly interest anybody who takes the time to visit.

The ReelAbilities Film Festival, Toronto

This yearly film festival, held in late May and early June, proudly “showcases Canadian and international films, features, and documentaries on Deaf and disability cultures, as well as by directors and actors with disabilities and/or who are Deaf.” The venues are wheelchair accessible, and the festival is a week-long celebration of Deaf and disabled art and culture.

The CN Tower

The CN Tower in Toronto, an iconic Canadian landmark, underwent repairs with an emphasis on accessibility. The renovations include floor-to-ceiling windows with no railings, which assist enable universal access to the breathtaking vistas for everyone. Our Accessibility Certification program has invited the Rick Hansen Foundation to undertake a rating. The tower is half a kilometer tall, and it is the highest structure in the Western Hemisphere if you count the antenna. The famed 360 Restaurant and many perspectives are among the attractions. It is easily accessible to people using a wheelchair or an electric wheelchair.

Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium (Quebec)

This Planetarium in Montreal is “redefining the essence of a planetarium via its creative approach to astronomy,” according to its website. The adventures you’ll have here will take you through the constellations and into space like you’ve never seen before. The venue is large and well-lit, with specific accessible seating spaces for optimal viewing. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the projected views of stars, planets, and constellations on the dome’s inner surface.


While traveling with a physical impairment might be difficult, Canada’s tourism is getting more universally accessible each year. Pre-planning and research may open up a world of possibilities for Canadians with disabilities who wish to see what this nation has to offer. Stores like Scootaround, offer their services by providing mobility aids for purchase or rental purpose all across the country. Providing all types of mobility devices with the latest technology and features to satisfy your everyday needs.