Using hotel check in software, you can make your hotel more secure!

The second wave of the COVID-19 is affecting the whole world. So opting for no-touch technologies at the work front is the only viable way of continuing work. During this covid-19, every organization should have no-touch free visitor management software at the entrance to protect their lobbies from virus transmission.

As we know that the hotel industry receives a large number of visitors on a daily basis. In these uncertain times, both no-touch technologies and no-contact interactions have emerged as critical needs for this industry. Hoteliers must ensure that their visitors have a safe and secure visit and stay while also keeping themselves safe. So there is the touchless visitor management system. This system manages the visitors digitally and without any contact. This will almost certainly result in a better visitor experience as well as improved staff performance.

The need of Touchless Visitor Management System for hotels!

A touchless Visitor Management System  will benefit a hotel in a variety of ways. With a no-touch VMS, everything from greeting guests to accommodating them and even serving them would be simplified. Hotels will also be better equipped to check in guests, identify frequent visitors among them, and, most importantly, serve them more efficiently. Here are the some of advanced features of touchless visitor management system:-

Advanced features of Touchless VMS for the New Normal:-


Pre-registration is an essential feature of any effective VMS. It will assist hotels in ensuring simple booking and check-in even during peak seasons or hours. It is not only secure but it also provides decision-making insights. Some health check features can also be integrated with the VMS to ensure the safety of both visitors and employees.

Ease to use

Any tool or technology is only useful if it is easy to use. The VMS should be simple to use for both guests and backend staff. VMS tasks must be carried out through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

Touchless technology

Touchless or no-touch tools and technologies have become increasingly important in the post-COVID new-normal world. So replace your manual system into digital and make your office secure and safe. Only touchless technology can prevent the  virus from spreading. This Touchless VMS is cloud-based, allowing users to access it from any location and device. The new normal no-touch VMS is compatible with mobile devices, as guests can check-in using their mobile phones.

Improvement of the Hotel Industry with Touchless Visitor Management System

This visitor management system eliminates the physical contact between hotel staff and guests. A hotel will be able to ensure total safety and security for both visitors and hotel data in this manner. To make organization safe and secure just use a smart no-touch VMS is bound to improve the user experience significantly. The pre-register or pre-booking functions of a VMS completely eliminate the reception queues. Furthermore, it can assist hoteliers in providing personalized services.


Having a single dashboard for managing the entire hotel will be extremely beneficial to the hoteliers. Hotel check in software will record every demographic detail of the visitors, and a smart dashboard will provide complete visibility into the same. The ease of use of a visitor management system will make it even more desirable in the hotel industry.