Upgrade Your Custom Metal Logo Signs with These Trending Signage Styles

The overall design of your business signage serves as a message for your potential buyers. However, the trending design styles vary over time and what’s challenging is that you need to keep up with the latest trends in order to attract more customers and expand your business.

Your current logo design may still function as a unique trademark as of the moment. However, you can’t simply assume that your design may still be eye-catching for the rest of generations to come. This calls for a major makeover and reconsideration of colors and shapes needed to be changed in your exterior or interior signage.

We’ve got you covered with the signage revamp! We’ve listed the things you can look into to kickstart that signage transformation project. 

Colorful minimalism

Minimalism is a known trend lately, but the common color schemes for such a style are white, white, beige, or cream. This is because these colors look neat and easy to read. But, with today’s current styles, the minimalist effect may appear uninviting and plain. Now, we’re taking a totally different turn with minimalism this time, integrating vibrant colors.

To execute this, the goal is to attain the result of presenting the signage in a way that exudes a captivating and colorful image while only having simplistic elements.

Integrating serif typeface into signage

Serif or serifed typefaces are those fonts with specific edges on each letter that are often used for formal and professional purposes. Examples of these are Times New Roman, Courier, and Helvetica, which are very familiar to most of us. Many prefer to use these types of fonts because they create a vintage or classic vibe that reminisces you of the old times as seen in newspapers and old advertisements.

Incorporating various unique shapes

Geometric shapes are unique design elements you can include in your logo signage that can surely attract customers even to this day. Depending on how you integrate them into your design, make sure that they don’t appear too cluttered and painful to the eyes.

What’s even better about these elements is that they are versatile. You have the freedom to incorporate them into almost everything such as the interior design of buildings, logos, and even artworks. Experiment with certain color combinations to make your words stand out but make sure not to contrast the background color of your signage.

Bringing out the nostalgic impression

You may have noticed that the latest design trends seem to feature styles that were pulled out from the vault containing the design styles that have existed over the years.

The inspirations are very obvious as seen in the latest television shows released and aired via Netflix and other mediums. The almost realistic settings and expensive backdrops depict the eras where Renaissance, retro, and vintage styles were the common themes. These truly provided us the experience of how were the styles integrated into almost every aspect of the lives of people.

Experimenting with gradients

Gradients may have appeared for quite a while but today, they’re combined with minimalism to produce a new type of design style for businesses. Gradients are flexible since you may choose between light and pastel-colored gradients or vibrant and fiery ones. You may even create your color combinations by incorporating your business colors.

To produce the most striking and engaging color schemes for your gradients, select multiple complementary or monochromatic colors to make your signage spectacular to the public. This is the best way to get your words and figures visible within your signage.

Metal as signage material

If you want your signage to last for years, there’s no better material other than metal. Other than that, metal is a versatile material that can cater to signage customization and other related fabrication needs. Regardless of the signage size, signage makers will be able to make the signage according to your instructions. 

Its durability is unparalleled compared to other materials like glass and acrylic, making it also a material that doesn’t require strict maintenance. Moreover, it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and other external factors that may harm its surfaces. Corrosion-resistant, easy installation, and flexible, are also just some of the characteristics of metal that outshines other materials utilized in most industries and businesses.

Wrapping up

You may be worried that you might lack the creative and innovative skills to level up your signage design. You’re not the only one who suffers from that, even professional designers too. So, it’s normal for you to struggle in deciding on an entirely new and fresh approach to your business signage design. It’s only right to be cautious about the style your custom cut metal logo signs will have to embark.

With this, give yourself ample time for researching and gathering inspirations for your logo design. List all the details that you want to be present in your design so you won’t forget them when creating the layout begins. Look for credible and excellent signage manufacturing companies near you and communicate with them about your project. Be wary of the things you need to assess before choosing the company that will be responsible for bringing your signage to life.