Before you know it, your bundle of joy will be ready for their first day in school, which means they’ll need a complete bedroom makeover. Things they used to enjoy doing as toddlers and preschoolers will no longer be interesting to them, and the environment in which they spend most of their time will require a complete transformation. From adding a fresh coat of paint to updating their toy collection and storage units, you’ll have to go through a lot of work. However, you won’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on the entire project. 

Ask for the little one’s opinion

First and foremost, you must ask for the little one’s input. They’re the ones who will be spending all the time in their room, so be sure to know what they want. Be it shapes and patterns on the walls, the colour of the bedding and accent furniture pieces, or maybe a full-on theme such as pirate, princess, or a cartoon-inspired one – they should have some saying in all of that.

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Update the walls

Walls are always the crucial aspect to change when you’re redecorating a room. Starting with a neutral hue is always the most affordable policy. After painting all the walls white, for instance, you can create an accent wall in a more dramatic hue. Alternatively, add wallpaper in a vibrant shade or pattern to create a focal point. Not only will that be a more affordable option to change over time, but a much easier one to modify too.

Add new bedding

Every child loves to be tucked in comfy warm bedding, so you should offer them just that. True comfort and warmth for the most restful nights. With top-quality Minijumbuk bedding items that you can shop online, your child will have the coziest bed to sleep and nap in. Throw colorful blankets on top to add a bit of vibrancy to the room. If you place accent pillows with their favorite cartoon characters on top, your kid will love spending every minute in their new room.

Upgrade the floors

Throw out that old wall-to-wall carpet, and invest in more convenient area rugs. If your floors need replacing, laminate will be both budget-friendly and easy to maintain. You can choose from a variety of colors to fit in with the room’s décor. Pick out one area rug for the play area and the one for their study nook to keep the kids warm both during study time and during playtime. Plus, it will be much easier to maintain only two area rugs and replace them over time, rather than having to maintain and remove a big wall-to-wall carpet when it’s old and dingy. Again, consult with your kid, and maybe invest in carpets with their favorite colors, patterns, or cartoon characters.

Add double-duty furniture

When you start thinking about furniture options for your kid’s room, be sure to consider beds and ottomans with built-in storage units. A bed with storage underneath would be perfect for storing linens, blankets, clothes, and even toys. Ottomans that open up can store anything from toys to boxes with shoes, spare pillows, duvets, or anything that you don’t know where else to store. Toy chests don’t have to be used for storing toys alone, but you can put all the other clutter that’s been crowding your kid’s desk or shelves. Aside from double-duty furniture, don’t forget to invest in shelves too. Kids need a place for all the books, board games, and other necessities they’ll collect.

Think about creative stencils

To add more character to a room, you can consider introducing stencils to your kid’s room. They’re a budget-friendly option that can make a lot of difference to otherwise plain and boring room décor. Would your kid love an image of a tree on the wall? How about a fairy or a pirate? Maybe set up some stars on the ceiling for a dream-like setting in the evening and during the night. Consider removable wall decals with your child’s favorite cartoon character or their favourite shape, pattern, or colour. Focus all of that on an accent wall or ceiling, and leave the other walls in one neutral colour. That way, you’ll be done with the remodelling much faster and won’t need to invest a fortune. On top of that, when your kid gets bored of the decals and décor, you’ll be able to change it easily without much hassle.

Final thoughts

 Updating a kid’s room can be challenging and time-consuming, but it’s certainly necessary from time to time. To make the entire process as budget-friendly as possible, follow the tips we’ve laid out. Make sure you add wallpapers, stencil, and decals for more vibrancy and convenience. Double-duty furniture will be a lifesaver, and you’ll thank us a million for opting for area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpets. With quality bedding and accent pieces, your kid’s room will look brand new without making you go broke.