Upcoming IPOs of 2024 in India

With 2023 making an exit and 2024 coming into the picture, several players in the market are looking to establish their position in the IPO. Multiple companies are expected to exchange valuable data, market speculation, and reports in the year 2024 and from what we can see, it is going to be an exciting year full of changes and financial transformation. On that note, take a look at some of the biggest IPO issues we are anticipating next year.


A popular ed-tech company that was previously acquired by ed-tech giant BYJU’S has decided to launch itself for IPO by the middle of 2024. After its acquisition, Aakash has grown tremendously and has a few projections to cross more than 4000 crore & 900 crore in the upcoming years. Given that the ed-tech sector is growing in popularity, Aakash is expecting to become a lucrative prospect for its investors. 


One of the leaders of the digital payments space, PhonePe is trying to become an upcoming IPO in 2024. After completing a capital fusion of several billion dollars, it seeks a fundraise. Its expansion is highly foretold by a lot of people and from what it looks like, it will transform the world of digital payments.

Oyo Rooms

Oyo Rooms is also massively awaited by investors this year. Being a travel booking platform, they are aiming to raise more public money this year in order to pay off their debts. Post filing for IPOs, the firm also filled up all its drafts using the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Now their listing goes more than 400 to 500 billion dollars.


Swiggy, one of the biggest players in the food delivery space, is expected to hold a spot in 2024. The company which was valued at $10.7 billion now has a strong foothold in the delivery market space. It also has done incredibly well in the past few years which signifies its growth. 


MobiKwik being one of the biggest mobile wallets in India has a pay-later service as well. Now it is raising more than 84 billion dollars in the year 2024. The IPO plans of the company was previously deferred but now it is set for a listing in the year 2024.


Ola, a car booking service system is aiming to grow close to 800 million dollars this year. Despite having massive service concerns, Ola’s growth has surged this year and its growth is to offer sustainable solutions of transportation to others while establishing its position towards more green energy.


While this was a good look at some of the best upcoming IPO in 2024, do remember to invest in them wisely. Using in-depth analysis of the financial health of a company, competitive analysis, and reviewing the financial goals of an upcoming IPO, you should be able to make the right decision. However, remember that before you start investing, you need a proper demat account. So get hold of that first before you begin.