Understanding How Laser Therapy Works Best

Of late, in fact over the last decade and so, laser hair removal has come to be in vogue. This is a completely medical procedure wherein, with use of concentrated light beams, unwanted hair gets removed.  During such a process, a laser actually emits light that gets absorbed through the melanin that hair has. This light energy gets converted into heat and this in turn damages the sacs within hair follicles. These sacs are tub-like in shape and are responsible for hair production. The damage further delays or even inhibits hair growth in the future.

What Laser Does For You?

  • If you are in the process of getting bald or are experiencing severe loss of hair that is ultimately causing bald patches, then you can go in for such treatment for getting a shiny bald heads
  • Laser hair removing therapy delays growth of hair even for very long periods of time. This is effective when you want a clean shiny scalp to inhibit growth of the very minor hair that remains on there. However, if you have normal hair growth, the laser treatment doesn’t guarantee permanent removal of hair. It will require multiple settings and sessions by trained practitioners to get hands on the best results of laser hair removal.
  • The treatment is mostly targeted at areas that have growth of unwanted hair. Mostly, lasers work best on dark hair and light skin. However, every skin type and hair type of color is suitable for laser removal. 

Things To Bear In Mind 

  1. Do keep in mind that laser treatments must be avoided on the eyelids and the areas around the eyes. Tattooed skin must not be treated with lasers as well. The color of the hair and the type of skin highly influence the success of removal for hairs using laser. A basic rule of thumb here is that the hair pigment needs to absorb the laser while the skin pigment must not.
  2.  A laser works on the principle that only a hair follicle must absorb damage from the light but damage to the skin must be avoided. This is why a contrast between the hair and the skin color gives the best outcome for laser therapy. Your attending cosmetic practitioner will guide you around this context for better understanding.
  3.  When the contrast is very slight or low between skin and hair, the risk of skin being damaged is higher. However, the advancements that laser tech has made of late has made it possible to undergo laser therapy safely even if they have dark skin color.
  4.  There is a slight level of risk involved even in the safest of laser therapy settings. The effects could vary as per hair color, skin type, pre-treatment and post treatment care plus the hair treatment plan.

Summing Up

Whenever you plan a laser treatment make sure you go in for a consultation first thing. A professional will judge the issues with your skin and make a decision around the number of sessions that will benefit you. You will be better off without believing any myths around laser therapy. 

There are a number of misconceptions and false notions around laser therapy. While it has caught up well with a section of takers, some might believe the false myths around the procedure. Always remember to get a session done from a center of repute that has top certified professionals at the helm. Be sure of asking the doubts you might have in mind instead of succumbing to false beliefs around the procedure.