Hair loss in men is a common issue in their 30s and has a significant psychological impact, fueling the wonder-cures research markets. Unfortunately, these research results are hair transplant surgery and other types of medications with serious side effects such as impotence. Fortunately, you can use an alternative treatment known as scalp micro pigmentation or hair tattoo. However, this innovative hair loss treatment is still a mystery, and here are the important things you should know about it. 

  1. Where to get it

For a start, SMP is quite similar to a regular tattoo since the professional uses needles to deposit ink into the skin. But the similarity ends there. And, as much as many tattoo parlors claim to offer SMP, that isn’t advisable. You need the input of a highly skilled technician specializing in this cosmetic pigmentation. Moreover, the process needs clinical setup and consultation before the procedure. Therefore, it’s best only to do it in specialized centers. You can find them using search terms like hair tattoo cincinnati which will give your local centers specializing in SMP.

  1. Safety

This hair loss treatment is safe and minimally invasive. The procedure is not painful because it’s non-surgical. Furthermore, the professionals who offer it use carbon, water, and alcohol-based organic pigment. The pigment doesn’t contain dangerous additives such as iron oxide, which are found in regular tattoo ink. However, you need to play your part for safety by getting your hair tattoo from a reputable center and technician. 

  1. Cost

The cost of a hair tattoo procedure varies depending on the scalp type and requirements. On average, the price can range from $1200 to $2800. The latter being for a crown area or hairline and the former for a full scalp procedure. However, note that the price may vary among treatment centers and the number of sessions you need to get the full treatment. Therefore, it will be best to ask about it when consulting. 

  1. How to take care of it

You need to take care of the hair tattoo after the procedure for it to work. For starters, you need to cover it for four days when bathing to avoid water contact. You can then wash your hair with warm water and baby shampoo for some time before reverting to your normal washing. It’s also imperative to aftercare for five days by covering your scalp with a dry and comfortable cap when sleeping. In addition, it will help if you avoid touching your scalp during aftercare. Note that complete healing takes two to three weeks.

  1. Duration it lasts

Hair tattoos last for almost eight years before the need to redo them. However, you may need to slightly retouch it from time to time since your skin naturally exfoliates, leading to fading. Note that the duration depends on how the procedure was done and how you take care of it. And, you can remove it using a laser, suppose you change your mind.

SMP, or hair tattoo as commonly known, is gaining traction owing to its cost and safety. But it would be best if you had a specialist to do it successfully. Therefore, it would be best to search for your treatment center using terms like hair tattoo Cincinnati, which will give you reliable and qualified technicians.