ULIP Meaning Simplified: Here’s How To Compare And Choose The Best Ulip Plan Based On Your Needs

The acronym ULIP stands for Unit-Linked Insurance Plan. In contrast to a traditional life insurance plan, the ULIP meaning can be best understood this way – a plan that combines investment and life insurance protection into a single policy. The premium for a ULIP is divided into two parts: life insurance coverage on the one hand and investments in the securities you have chosen on the other. You have the option to invest in equity, debt, or a balanced hybrid investment plan in the invested portion of your ULIP.

How do ULIPs function?

The finest Unit Linked Insurance Plan in India operates in a straightforward manner. While several other investors enrol in the same ULIP, you are still required to pay the payment due. The ULIP provider will then take this sum and invest it in whichever securities you have chosen. Insurance companies deduct any expenses associated with the ULIP before putting your money in the fund of your choice. Your money may be invested in an equity-based, balanced, or debt-based fund.

The insurance company will assign units to each investor based on the amount of capital invested. The units’ worth is referred to as the Net Asset Value (NAV). Insurance companies that offer ULIPs employ fund managers to administer and maintain track of the funds that are part of the plan. The net asset value of a unit-linked insurance plan either rises or falls based on how the markets perform.

Your plan’s provider will give you the fund value when a ULIP matures based on the market value of your invested assets. The payment of the fund value or assured sum, whichever is higher, is made to nominees in the event of the untimely passing away of a policyholder.

Lock-in time and fees for ULIPs

There is a five-year lock-in term for a unit-linked insurance plan. ULIPs are subject to numerous levies and fees, including:

  • Costs for fund management
  • Fees for the administration of the policy
  • Costs for plan surrender
  • Costs for mortality
  • Charges for discontinuation of the plan
  • Cost of fund switching

What is NAV?

The acronym NAV stands for Net Asset Value. It is the ULIP’s cost per unit. You buy individual units of that program when you pay the fee for your ULIP plan. Thus, the term “Net Asset Value” refers to the cost per unit of a unit linked insurance plan.

The following are some considerations you should make when selecting the finest ULIP plan in India after comprehending the ULIP meaning:

  • Choose your ULIP fund options based on your goals: ULIPs provide you with the choice to invest in debt, equity, or a combination of the two types of funds. Long-term high growth potential is offered by equity funds, while wealth preservation is achieved by debt funds.
  • Choose the required amount of life insurance coverage: ULIP plans are made to assist investors in achieving their long-term financial objectives, such as financing a child’s further education or a wedding. Additionally, ULIPs offer financial protection to the policyholder’s dependents in the event of their passing away.
  • ULIPs can help you maintain a long-term investment: ULIPs assist in wealth growth and reaching your financial objectives in addition to providing life insurance coverage. Long-term ULIP investors may receive bonuses from their insurance company in the form of wealth boosters and loyalty additions, which will help them increase their wealth.
  • Check out the ULIPs’ Features: After comprehending the ULIP meaning, it is important to understand its various features:
  • Redirection of Premium: In addition to your base funds, ULIPs provide you with the option to invest your future premiums in other funds of your choosing.
  • Top-ups: You have the choice to add any extra funds to your existing plan once, twice or several times.
  • Fund switches: You need to be aware of how many free switches your chosen ULIP package offers. This is due to the fact that the majority of insurance companies give free switching between debt and equity funds.
  • Partial withdrawals: With this function, you have the choice to take some of your ULIP investment money out. However, this feature typically starts working after the lock-in time has ended.


Now that the ULIP meaning and how to choose the right one has been explained above, we hope you have an easier and smoother experience with purchasing a ULIP. Being aware of what a ULIP is and the benefits it can provide can also help you have a more advantageous ULIP journey so that your hard-earned invested money grows the right way. Hope now you have a clear understanding of  the ULIPs meaning and how to choose the right one.