Types of Dresses and How you can Style Them

Going out for a date night? Chilling with friends? 

No matter your vibe, there are always dresses perfectly tailored for you.

Choosing what to wear for certain events is often a dilemma. You raid your closet only to find a variety of colors and styles, making you confused even more than you already are.

Maybe what you need to know are the types of dresses and how you can style them.

Dress Types and How you can Style Them

Just like any other thing, dresses are classified into different types depending on style. Here’s a guide to the types of must-have dresses.

  1. Midi Dress

If you are unsure of the event you are going to and want to play it safe, you can wear a midi dress. This design sits between a maxi dress and a mini dress, where the hem ends halfway between your knee and ankle. A midi dress can also vary on the top style. It can come as an off-shoulder top, tube top or spaghetti strap. 

How to Style?

What’s best about a midi dress is that you can wear them either with flats or heels or even with a punky pair of sneakers. You can accentuate your outfit by wearing a belt.

  1. Off the Shoulder

If you want to show off those collar bones, an off-the-shoulder top is for you. This showcases your shoulders without having to expose your arms. This can be worn both in formal and semi-formal events without the worry of showing too much skin.

How to Style?

Just like the midi dress, you can also wear off-the-shoulder dresses with flats or heels. To accentuate your neck and shoulders, you can also wear a necklace or a choker.

  1. Shift Dress

This is a dress style that is a comeback from the 1960s trend. It is usually short with a boxy shape and hangs from the shoulders. If you have a lean build, this will definitely look good on you.

How to Style?

Shift dresses are best for professional looks. You can style it with a blazer and a belt to emphasize your waist. 

For a more relaxed look, you can also pair it up with sneakers.

  1. Bodycon Dress

This is a tight-fitting dress that hugs your body and emphasizes your curves. A bodycon dress often comes with stretchy fabric and is best for parties or night outs with friends. 

How to Style?

If you have an hourglass figure that you want to show off, you can opt to wear the bodycon dress as it is. But if you want to pump up your look, a sexy pair of heels can also be worn with bodycon dresses.

  1. A-Line Dress

As the name implies, this dress looks like a letter A with a fitter hip and a gradual flare towards the hem. Depending on the neckline, it can draw more attention to your bust and minimize your body’s midsection. This is perfect for a casual setting. 

How to Style?

A classy pair of heels is best worn for A-line dresses to perfect that casual look.

  1. Puff-Sleeve Dress

This is another style comeback. With its balloon-like sleeves, it is both trendy and elegant. This is best if you are aiming for a feminine look. 

How to Style?

For an everyday style, you can wear a puff-sleeve dress with ankle heels or ballet flats.

The next time you plan to go out, you may glance back on this list and see which dress fits your day’s to-do list best.


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