Types Of Career In Blockchain

As the new world order starts to take shape, and technology becomes more of a necessity than ever before, we expect many new opportunities to arise. The most rewarding career opportunities lie in blockchain and blockchain companies, which is not much realised by people who still don’t know much about. There’s a reason why major industries are investing huge sums into it every year. Well, before going into that, let’s understand what exactly blockchain is.

Blockchain is a technology, consisting of a string of records (blocks) linked in chronological order. These blocks can store information about financial transactions, identities, and other data. Blockchain technology has been receiving quite some attention recently because of its potential to disrupt quite a few industries in the coming years

Whether you have a passion for mathematics and cryptography or a knack for designing and marketing, there’s a blockchain job out there waiting for you. In this article, we will outline the careers in blockchain, and other essential pieces of information to help you identify which opportunity might be right for you. Here are some career opportunities in Blockchain and Blockchain companies

Most Promising Career Types In The Blockchain Sector

1. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are responsible for developing the core code of blockchain-based products from scratch. They’re also in charge of the product’s support systems, which they design and build. This includes blockchain middleware, databases and distributed computing protocols.

2. Blockchain Consultant

Builds individual projects or entire applications using blockchain, which can include using blockchain as a feature within other products or services, developing smart contracts, and implementing ICOs.

3. Blockchain Marketing Specialist: 

With rapid development in technology and its acceptance by businesses, financial institutions and governments alike, there has never been a better time to jump into the field of digital marketing. However, it can be overwhelming if you have not already started your career in this field.

4. Blockchain Engineer

If you are looking for career opportunities in blockchain and blockchain companies, this can be one of the most promising career options. Typically a role that software engineers would be interested in, blockchain engineers focus primarily on the cryptography aspect of blockchain technology. Often, it is a company’s blockchain engineer that creates innovative solutions for data security and authentication.

5. Blockchain Analyst: 

A blockchain analyst is responsible for identifying opportunities for businesses to apply the technology to their business model, businesses evaluating new technology, and people who want to make an impact on shaping the future of blockchain technology as it is shaped today by reviewing applications and different technologies in development.

6. ICO Marketing Specialist: 

An ICO Token Sale is a popular way to raise funds for any blockchain-based start-up project or venture. It was initially used by startups that wanted to explore their potential, however, with increased regulatory scrutiny over this fundraising method it has become harder to launch successful Token Sales in unregulated markets and so raising funds through an ICO may be more difficult in future.

7 .  ICO Advisor: 

As a blockchain advisor, you would be responsible for reviewing the merits of the coin or token being offered by an ICO. You would be expected to assess if an ICO is viable based on its whitepaper, team and business plan. You would also provide investors with your opinion on whether they should invest in it or not.

Words Of Wisdom

There’s no denying the fact that blockchain is a sector of the economy with enormous potential. The career opportunities in blockchain and blockchain companies are huge because once you get your hands on it, it changes everything. Blockchain has been widely adopted in finance and banking but other industries have adopted this new technology. With the number of careers in blockchain growing every day, it’s important to evaluate the roles and make a well-informed decision.