Types of Car insurance in Pakistan and their benefits

Car insurance or auto insurance is a contract or agreement between the car proprietor and the insurance agency who will cover any misfortune and cover all the financial misfortune in an awful circumstance like the accidents and harm to your vehicle as well as cover your clinical costs if there would be an occurrence of any injuries and robbery. Along these lines, you don’t need to pay any costs from your pocket or you need to pay a little or reduced amount. The car insurance Pakistan policy causes you to feel save while driving. Make your driving experience more secure by getting car protection coverage from the best insurance organization cometinsure. They give the best insurance strategies that cover every type of advantages that you can get while claiming a car.

What are the things that are not included in car insurance coverage or policy?

  • Wear and tear of the car an replacement of spare parts
  • Any electrical damage inside the car to certain wires.
  • Damage of batteries or failure of batteries
  • Replacement of tires are not included as well
  • Any loss due to breakdown.

Types of car insurance policies before you claim car insurance:

  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Third-party liability car insurance
  • Collision car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance policy:

This is the most useful coverage for any driver as it moreover covers the damages to the primary driver, his car and the third party related to an accident. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers everything like natural disasters, the environment, or vandalism. Additionally, a comprehensive far-reaching car insurance policy covers driver, explorer, ensured vehicle, and third party vehicle. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers all pieces of an accident, be it an accident, fire, theft, flood, or third party liability

What is included under the comprehensive car insurance policy?

Things that are cover in a comprehensive car insurance policy are:

  • Damage caused due to natural disasters
  • Damage due to environment
  • Vandalism
  • Any damage or destruction to your vehicle due to an accident
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Flood
  • Third-party liability

Benefits of comprehensive car insurance policy:

  • it is the most significant type of insurance you can give to your car
  • On the off chance that you are discovered to be to blame on the occasion of an accident, with extensive car insurance, you can claim for misfortunes caused in such circumstances
  • It provides coverage of lawsuits, including legal charges brought against you because of an accident
  • You will feel peace of mind in case of such circumstances from facing any financial problem.
  • provides compensation to your car if it is completely destructed
  • In contrast to third-party insurance, it covers harms caused to your car during an accident.

Third-party liability car insurance:

A third-party liability car insurance policy covers you in any accident where the accident was caused solely because of your mistake. It will remunerate the affected individual for your carelessness. The insurance organization will be responsible to pay for the harm caused to the cars or traveller of the third person as it were. Such crash insurance doesn’t cover any damage to your car or body. This is essential car insurance required for each driver in Pakistan

What is included under the third-party liability car insurance?

Things that are cover in damage to a third party are:

  • Cover the medical expenses of the third party caused due to accident
  • Cover the damages caused to the vehicle
  • It provides compensation to the third party in case of death or injury due to our carelessness

Benefits of third party liability car insurance policy:

It covers all your legal liabilities and provides financial compensation in case of any damage caused to the third party

  • It gives you peace of mind and relief in such circumstances.
  • This policy is very easy and quick to claim from any best insurance company online.
  • It is affordable and worth getting.

Collision car insurance:

Collision car insurance is especially for accidents where your car collides with another item or vehicle during driving. After these terrible accidents and incidents, the collision car policy covers damage to the driver, traveller and the vehicle that is protected with the coverage. It should be recalled that environmental conditions or any natural disasters in Pakistan are or any harm brought about by them are not covered in the collision car insurance policy as they are included in the comprehensive car insurance.

What is included under the collision car insurance?

Things that are cover in collision car insurance policy are:

  • It covers damages when the car collided with another vehicle
  • Cover damages when a car collides or crashes with the tree
  • Cover the rolling over of the car.

Benefits of collision car insurance policy:

  • It cover damage caused to your vehicle when it is collided with another vehicle
  • There is no need to spend money from your pocket in case of any destruction caused to the vehicle.