Twenty Things to Avoid In Cemeteries for Sale

  1. Buying a مدافن للبيع before you’re actually licensed as a funeral director.
  2. Building on top of the gates if the cemetery has them, or buying them because they’re not safe to climb over anymore.
  3. Not keeping up with landscaping upkeep – it’s both expensive and disrespectful to the dead who are buried there if landscaping is neglected or torn up by landscaping vehicles
  4. Turning over the care of the cemetery to a “caretaker” (or “minister” or “trustee”) who hasn’t any background in mortuary science.
  5. Not checking with as many funeral homes and undertakers as one can find within driving distance as possible before acquiring a cemetery.
  6. Not checking with the local city zoning department for proper zoning for a cemetery, and not checking with the county about tax-exempt status.
  7. Buying overpriced monuments from monument companies.
  8. Putting up unnecessary road signs pointing to the cemetery for sale.
  9. Not allowing visitation of the cemetery once it’s been purchased as a private family burial plot.
  10. Not being honest with oneself about what one is buying – or not buying.
  11. Neglecting to check with the state board of embalmers and funeral directors about whether or not one is a licensed funeral director.
  12. Not being honest with oneself about whether or not one wants children to visit the cemetery for sale because of its proximity to residential areas, traffic patterns, etc.
  13. Putting up signs saying “Grave space available” when it isn’t – or selling grave spaces that aren’t (or selling them as such).
  14. Selling cemetery lots without proper fences or gates, in areas where they are not safe to climb over.
  15. Failing to legally change the name of the cemetery after selling it within a reasonable period of time – or not doing so at all.
  16. Selling cut-price burial monuments and other auction items when there are no families who would be willing to pay for them.
  17. Making offers for lots that exceed sale prices expectation for that particular lot based on comparable sales data from other cemeteries.
  18. Hiring someone who only has a high school diploma to help conduct sales – unless that person is not allowed to speak with prospective buyers if they ask him questions about the cemetery
  19. Hiring people who are not licensed in mortuary science or funeral directing (this is a legal requirement in 46 states) for sales activities.
  20. Not providing an adequate amount of customer service after the sale of cemetery plots.


  • Cemeteries are not always happy places, but there is no reason why they have to be gloomy and foreboding.  Just like many other things in life, preparation makes all the difference.  Once you are prepared to buy a cemetery for sale, you will find that there is much more out there than you might have ever imagined at first glance.
  • Feel free to use as many of these tips as you need.  They are all tried, tested, and true.
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