Do you want to know about a new promo code? Truasiacat2020 is a unique code entered for the Roblox online game. The latest news about promo codes has made many users in Brazil, the United States and elsewhere very happy.

By using this new promo code, Roblox users will get a White Cat Wizard accessory for the user’s Roblox avatar. You can join the Bloxy News Discord server and go to the promo codes channel for the full list of promo codes. , we will explain you about the new Truasiacat 2020 promo code.

What is Truasiacat?

It is a new promo code for Roblox game online, which is liked and enjoyed by Brazil, the United States and players around the world. Users can join Bloxy News Discord which is a channel of promo codes. It keeps updating every time a new promo code is published. It is also updated every time a promo code expires. This new list of promo codes will make the user get free items and clothing. You can check the details of this new promotional code, that is, Truasiacat 2020.

What’s included in the new Roblox promo codes list?

The new promo codes guide features a list containing the working and unexpired promo codes for the Roblox game. She can also inquire about the new Truasiacat code. If a Roblox user wants free items and accessories for her avatar, some codes are easy to use. It will make the look of your online avatar very stylish and trendy. Featured codes are listed for December 2020.

What are the newest elements of the Roblox game?

The newest items in the Roblox game, which will be available in December 2020, are as follows:

• White cat wizard hat and real winter rabbit ears

• Real winter rabbit ears

• White cat magician hat

• Wonder Woman articles

• RB battle items and many more

There are many more items that users can get using various promo codes available. You can also search for Truasiacat2020.

Final verdict:

There is a new promo code available for the well-known Roblox game. With this unique promo code, the user can get a free White Cat Wizard accessory for the Roblox avatar of the user who plays the Roblox game.

The new White Card Wizard can be redeemed with the code to receive the free Hat accessory. You can copy the code and save it at the link It also has a description, which says that not all of the cat’s powers are magical. Some also purr. It can be used in all genres.

However, many YouTubers have this Wizard of Whit Cat Hat and make fake videos of how users can get Truasiacat2020. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful when using new promo codes. Kindly leave your comments at the end!

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