At this point, anyone even remotely famous should probably just refrain from using Clubhouse altogether. The voice chat app has caused its fair share of trouble since its inception, from getting Mulatto dragged for supposed colorism, to sparking a shouting match between Meek Mill and one of his chat’s participants, to turning Nicki Minaj fans against Tiffany Haddish for criticizing the rapper’s perceived rudeness. The latest star to find themselves in hot water as a result of a Clubhouse chat is Miami rap vet Trick Daddy, who recently stirred up the most dangerous hornet’s nest — or, more appropriately, the Beyhive.

When Trick offered up his “unpopular opinion” about Beyonce’s relation to R&B music, it didn’t take long for a screen recording to go viral on Twitter, turning Trick Daddy — and the vicious responses against him — into a trending topic. “Beyoncé ain’t trying to give back to music and Beyoncé don’t write music,” he said. “Beyoncé can’t sing.” He explained his reasoning for making such a bold statement, comparing Beyonce to her husband Jay-Z. ““Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York. New York lost Biggie and they needed a hero.” His commentary was echoed by others in the chat, but since he’s the most famous name attached, it was him who caught the wrath on Twitter.

For what it’s worth, opinions are a dime a dozen across social media and maybe he just isn’t feeling the way Beyonce sings. With that being said, Trick Daddy doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to lend too much credence to online outbursts. Unfortunately for him, the Hive always finds a way to give their online bullying a little extra punch; in this case, it looks like they’re trying to tank the ratings on his restaurant on Google.


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