Trending wedding band designs for Gay couples

A few years ago, same-sex couples couldn’t get married to each other legally. But in 2015, several countries started recognizing them and legalized their marriage. This event was happily welcomed by the LGBTQ community who could now marry their partners without being designated as a criminal. Over the years, the industries associated with weddings have innovated their techniques and products to cater to the needs of the LGBTQ community on their wedding day. Even the wedding ring designs have become more varied to appeal to the taste of gay couples. If you’re wondering what ring design to select for your partner then read on because listed below are some trending wedding band designs for gay couples.

Simple metal band

A common wedding ring design that never loses its charm is the simple metal band design. The reason why this design is very common and preferred is that the design is simple, it is easy to clean and maintain, it matches all outfits and can be worn at all times of the day. This simple metal wedding band can be made of different metals such as gold, silver, platinum or titanium. The titanium wedding bands are more popular among people since it stands out because of its colour and tends to match both formal and casual outfits.

Diamond rings

Today, the jewellery industry has extended its range of diamond jewellery to involve men’s fashions. Several ring designs for men include one or a few diamond stones and men have started to enjoy the bling on their fingers. Lab diamond engagement rings have become popular among gay couples with designs ranging from solitaire diamond rings to pave set diamonds. Black diamonds are a stylish alternative to colourless diamonds and can be used to make rings for men.

Signet ring designs

Signet rings have been a large part of men’s fashion since a very long time and have become a personal favourite among the gay couples looking to get married. Signet rings have a unisex design comprising of circular metal band which broadens on the top to accommodate and engraving. You can choose what to engrave in the signet rings. In the past the family logo was engraved on the signet rings and passed down the generations as a family heirloom. You can choose to engrave your partner’s initials to make it more meaningful.

Rings with a wooden inlay

One of the most unique ring designs for gay couples these days is the wooden inlay ring. This ring consists of a rosewood inlay in the middle of a metal ring band. The metal usually used with this design is cobalt chrome which is hypoallergenic, lightweight and strong. This ring design is comfortable, pocket friendly and unique.

Rainbow Rings

This ring design has become famous in the recent past for its symbolic support to the LGBTQ community. Frequently spotted at same sex weddings, this ring has multiple diamond stones in rainbow colours.Made of Hatton Garden lab grown diamonds or natural diamonds, these rainbow rings are truly a feast of vibrant colours which hold a lot of meaning to the couple tying the knot.