Treat Yourself to Some Quality Goods at Discounted Prices

It’s easy to feel like we all deserve some presents, even if it’s not technically the gift-giving season. After all, it’s been a crazy time to be an adult. Between COVID-19 regulations and the regular stressors of life (taxes, employment, parenthood, massive wildfires and floods, and more), it makes sense that we all want a little bit of retail therapy.

The thing is, though, that you can’t just buy a new laptop or iPad every time the world gets you down. While retailers would certainly love for us to order a television or another new product every time we have to sit through a video call that could have been an email, it’s not exactly practical. Your bank account would be pretty empty very quickly if you did this—even if the retailer does throw in free shipping for your new TV. What are we to do?

Thankfully, there are a few ways we can enjoy the thrill of receiving a package without going into debt. For some tips and tricks, read on.

Be choosy about the retailers that you shop with.


Not every vendor is able to sell things at the discounts you need. For example, Best Buy or Walmart are big box stores that have to adhere to national prices. While you can get a Best Buy or Walmart gift card, those will only go so far. Meanwhile, outlet stores are always less expensive and get you more cash value, with very few exclusions. Perusing the rack at Chico’s Off the Rack outlets (even the online store!) will get you gorgeous pants with a high waist and other garments for less. It’s just smart to shop with retailers, like U.S. Chico’s outlet stores, that give you the most bang for your buck.

Refurbished products are just as good as new products.

Refurbished products have a bad reputation, and it’s a shame. The truth is that a refurbished TV or a refurbished Apple product has the same specs as a new device, so long as you buy from a quality refurbisher. A refurbished TV store, for example, might give an array of smart refurbished TV options and tablets that work perfectly, for a portion of the regular price. A reliable refurbisher will also offer you a warranty on the tablet, iPhone, TV, or another device you buy. In this way, you can enjoy a like-new device with the special savings you’re looking for.

Wait for the final sale price.


Sure you want the new model now, but how much do you want it? Can you wait a few months? If you can, then you can enjoy the final sale price on the gown or iPad you’re looking at. Take a look at the large selection that a retail store offers online, and then check back every few weeks. You’d be surprised how much you can shave off of your receipt simply by biding your time.

Get warranties on any appliances you buy.

Warranties are a good idea for anyone buying appliances, whether you’re buying them at a final sale or for full price. This is simply the responsible thing to do. After all, even a refurbisher with the best of intentions can’t promise that a part won’t fail. With a warranty, you always have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your appliances and their accessories are taken care of, come what may.

There’s no reason to be shy about the desire to engage in retail therapy, but it’s important to be smart about it. Whether you have a hankering for a new device or a gown, do your due diligence, be choosy about the retail stores you patronize, and get yourself a warranty for good measure.