Supreme at 83rd Annual Bol d'Or Mirabaud

Tradition and hard work are two key values at Mirabaud, an over 200-year-old Swiss banking group. As such, when the chance to sponsor the annual Geneva regatta arose in 2007, Mirabaud jumped at the chance. Now called the Bol d’Or Mirabaud regatta, this year’s 83rd annual outing gave the competing sailors—and the sponsor’s managing partner—a chance to put their core values on display. 

Yves Mirabaud explained to FinNews: “Water sports and sailing really have a strong link to the Mirabaud family from its start, so that the sponsorship angle makes total sense. Water is even embedded in our logo.” 

Building on that link, Mirabaud also sponsored emerging sailor Anaëlle Pattusch, as well as a group of four female sailors known as The Sailing Squad, who train under the guidance of Shirley Robertson, a two-time Olympic Champion. In supporting elite female sailors, Mirabaud is building on its history of betting on women—the group has named Camille Vial as its executive committee chair. It’s also helping change the image of the sport, as currently only 10% of elite sailors are women. And, again, this effort is only natural, as all the group’s managing partners are working to keep their bank at the forefront of financial markets, without giving up on their core business model. 

Investing in the Future

While helping cultivate the next generation of elite sailors, the Mirabaud Group is also building the next generation of financial management. First, the group is investing heavily in IT projects, while preparing to adopt a new technology platform. At the same time, the bank hopes to expand its reach, making alternative investments more accessible to a wider group. 

Still, holding true to their principles of responsible financial stewardship, Yves Mirabaud warns that these alternative investments are not for everyone. He says, “Private Equity is not dedicated to all types of investors. The level of risk is high and the liquidity low.” 

Growth in All Directions

In the past 20 years, Mirabaud has transformed from a relatively small Swiss private bank to 700 members of staff out of which 50% work outside of Switzerland. While smaller than mega-banks such as Credit Suisse and UBS, Yves Mirabaud maintains that it’s the quality of the assets, and the trajectory of the group, that matters more than the total value in francs. 

He explains, “It’s not a matter of having 30, 40, or 200 billion.. As long as you have a sustainable business you have the right size.” Clearly, Mirabaud has built exactly that. With the bulk of its business relying on a solid core of wealth management, alongside asset management and corporate advisory services, Mirabaud’s staying power has kept it a major player in the banking world since 1819. And given, its ability to pivot and embrace new investment opportunities, Mirabaud, as Yves Mirabaud himself asserts, is clearly here to further develop and adapt.