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The first tractor was created by John Froelich in 1892 in a little village called Clayton County in northeast Iowa. He developed the first gasoline engine that was successful and could go both forward and backward.

The earliest prototype for tractors was created in 1902, and after a few years, they were fully perfected and formally introduced a tractor. Tractors were first powered by gasoline to operate. In the year 1903, the fully developed tractors were introduced. The completely working tractor was created in 1903 by Charles W. Hart and Charles H. Parr, two American mechanical engineers, inventors, and businessmen.

Eicher, a tractor brand, introduce its first tractor for Indians in 1959, shortly after the country gained independence. Between 1965 and 1974, it became the country’s first fully built tractor.

Today, nearly every Indian farmer uses a tractor in their field. Tractors and other farm machinery are crucial to the modern agricultural sector. Because of their high amount of torque, these heavy-duty trucks assist the farmer in towing large equipment and trailers over a farm field.


TractorKarvan One of India’s top online platforms for tractors, TractorKarvan offers a large selection of models at the best prices, with the best features, and with the best specifications.

More than 500 tractors are listed on Tractorkarvan, including new and used models from both international and Indian tractor brands, like Mahindra & Mahindra, swaraj, Sonalika, John Deere, New Holland, Escorts, Eicher, and many more.

Choose from a wide variety of categories on TractorKarvan to get the ideal tractor for your requirements. Additionally, we have expanded our financing alternatives for tractor buyers and introduced Loan Bases.

Tractor Categories 

We’ve divided this category into for top-selling tractors, new tractors, upcoming tractors, new tractors with AC cabins, tiny tractors, and 4WD tractors. In these specific categories, customers can choose the tractor of their choice with ease.

Compare Tractors

In the compare section, customers can compare two different tractor brands’ complete features, specifications, and other information. and obtain professional guidance regarding the advantages of a specific tractor model, its characteristics, and its ideal use. Anyone may discover the most accurate information about tractors through in-depth comparisons, owner reviews, and professional comments.

Harvesters and Implements

Tractor implements are crucial farming equipment or agricultural tools that reduce labour expenses and boost farm output. This agricultural equipment is capable of managing digging, ploughing, sowing, cultivating, harvesting, and other agricultural duties.

Rotavators, cultivators, disc ploughs, power harrows, hydraulic reversible MB ploughs, and MB ploughs are some of the top tools used by Indian farmers.

Anyone can obtain thorough information about more than 525 pieces of farming machinery and accessories. The top Indian and international brands, like Fielding, Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman, Lemken, and many others, are used in the eight different categories of equipment, which include tillage, sowing and planting, crop protection, harvesting, land preparation, and other items.

Used Tractors

One of the main reasons we included the Used Tractor area in our platform is so that farmers who are unable to purchase a new tractor may use it to find a used tractor that meets their demands and fits within their budget.

TractorKarvan is the greatest choice for any farmer looking to purchase or sell a used tractor since we assist them in getting the best prices.

Our team will contact the farmer right away if they only fill out the form on the portal with the details of their tractor.

Additionally, customers can use a free tractor valuation calculator on our website to acquire information about the current market price of their used tractor.

Tyres Available

Tractorkarvan offers you the greatest tyre options that are compatible with your tractor, and we give all Indian farmers a clear breakdown of tyre costs. You can learn more about choosing a tractor tyre brand and learn everything there is to know about that tyre.

At Tractorkarvan, we have a comprehensive list of the top farm tractor tyre brands. Apollo Tractor Tyres, BKT Tractor Tyres, Good Year Tractor Tyres, CEAT Tractor Tyres, MRF Tractor Tyres, Birla Tractor Tyres, and JK Tractor Tyres are the top tractor tyre brands sold in India.

Other Information Sections


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We have a news section where we offer the most recent and crucial news, including information on tractors, agriculture, weather, agribusiness, the Sarkari Yojana, animal husbandry, and social issues.


Anyone can find the most recent farming and tractor blogs on Tractorkarvan. Anyone can get in-depth blogs on the most recent tractor debuts and their technical specifications.

The finest online marketplace for farmers to purchase and sell tractors is Tractorkarvan. Through Tractorkarvan, anyone can obtain loans based on their needs. Anyone may find tractor prices, specifications, features, and other information here. Tractor implements are listed below, along with pricing, features, and specs.