Toppers advice to crack Jee Mains without breaking a sweat

Toppers are known to be the best in their field, and everyone wants to know what they did to get there.

Every year, top JEE exam scorers provide valuable advice on “how to achieve a high rank” or “what makes them stand out from the crowd” in a series of interviews.

Everyone, however, has their study methods, strategies, and planning. As a result, each topper has a unique study method and offers different pieces of advice. It perplexes students which tip they should follow. 

So, in this article, we have condensed all of the common tips given by JEE exam toppers. These pointers will undoubtedly assist you in achieving a high JEE score.

Do your level best 

Nothing can be accomplished unless you give it your all. It’s something that all of the JEE toppers talk about in their interviews. According to the toppers, the person who works hard and prepares for the exam without stress has a better chance of passing the JEE with a high score.

If you work hard for your exam but experience unusual stress, your JEE rank will automatically fall.

Analyze and work on your weak areas

Even if you work hard for your jee exam, you can’t master the entire syllabus. You have some areas where you need to improve if you want to get a good rank. 

According to several JEE exam toppers, the focus should never be on marks and ranks, but rather on preparation. The level of exam preparation you have determines your rank in the JEE exam.

Start Early Preparation

The first key to a topper’s success is to get started early. Toppers have an advantage over others who have overlooked the simple fact that starting early allows for more preparation time.

The syllabus of JEE is very vast, as it includes the syllabus of both 11th and 12th, so starting early will give you an edge. Although it is never too late to start, aspirants should start as soon as possible. You will have a significant advantage in your preparation if you begin early.


Self-discipline is the main key which can lead you to success. No one can train you to push your limits except you. Putting yourself through a fixed schedule and sticking to it every day can be difficult and monotonous, but it is the only way. You must discipline yourself so that you can work hard every day. 

Understand more rather than memorizing

Memorizing concepts or problem-solving methods is not an option. Except for inorganic chemistry, no JEE subject necessitates constant memorization. All JEE toppers agree that only learning concepts will never result in good grades. As the IIT-JEE question changes every year. So, memorizing it serves no purpose. Rather than learning, try doing it the right way and understanding more.

Understanding concepts and problem-solving methods can be very beneficial in the long run, whereas memorizing concepts will not solve questions.

Solve past year question 

It is the most common piece of advice given by all toppers for completing JEE Main Question Papers. Solving previous year’s papers not only gives you a general idea of the exam, but it also reveals your weak points.

All of the top scorers have admitted to solving at least the previous ten years’ sample papers because it gave them a clear idea of where they stood and how much more hard work they needed to do.

It also helped them to clear their doubts and understand the paper strategy used in previous years.

As a result, to understand strategies, you should also solve previous year papers.

Clear doubts 

Doubts during study indicate that you are studying correctly. But don’t let your hesitations fester. Every high-performing individual has a habit of resolving their doubts on time. They claim that if we don’t clear our doubts now, we’ll never be able to do so. When in doubt, seek immediate advice; this will help to strengthen the majority of your concepts. So, whenever you have a question about a concept, reach out to a teacher or a friend, or seek online help, to get an immediate answer.


Toppers have the habit of attending every class attentively and with complete interest. All classes, whether online, coaching, tuition or academic lectures, must be attended. You should never miss a class in any chapter unless there is a valid reason. Also, never skip a class because you believe it is unimportant. You’re getting ready for one of the most difficult exams. Taking any chapter lightly can lead to future problems.

Exam simulation

It is a critical component of a top performer’s preparation. You cannot excel in an exam, no matter how well you prepare, if you are not used to sitting for an exam for 3 hours straight and adjusting your accuracy and problem-solving speed so that you can finish the paper on time. 

Believe in yourself 

Believing yourself is the main key to success. It is one of the best habits of high achievers. Every day, tell yourself that you have what it takes and that you can pass the exam with a good score. Such self-motivation is always uplifting and will help you weather the storm.

Time management

Time management entails having a clear picture of the time in terms of the month, week, days, and hours. Keep track of all your activities from the time you wake up until you go to bed. It will assist you in avoiding unproductive activities and balancing your study schedule. You can also make some changes to your habits and behavior. While maintaining a study schedule of 12 to 14 hours per day, you must prioritize the quality of your studies.


Every JEE exam or other exam toppers has common tips that they use to improve their preparation. And these pointers can assist you in becoming one of them. As a result, you should follow each of the preceding recommendations. It will undoubtedly be advantageous to you.