Top Yoga TTC in India

Yoga and India have always gone hand in hand. India is where yoga originated and thrived till the point that it has become a common form of physical and mental fitness throughout the world. People from all over the globe come to India to learn true and authentic yoga. 

Many who come here are looking to join a course through which they can become yoga professionals and further disseminate their knowledge in their indigenous place. This is where yoga TTC in India comes in. These are teacher training courses that enable individuals to become yoga gurus so that they can opt for it as a profession in their home country. 

But the problem is there are so many available yoga TTC in India that it can become difficult to choose one. This article will enlist the best ones out there to make your job simpler. Read this article till the end to know more. 

Living yoga school

At living yoga school, it’s not just yoga that is being taught, they teach a way of life, encouraging its members to consciously transform their lives so that they are living one following ethical principles on which the lives of many yogis are based since the dawn of the age. Their motto is to instill the feeling of love, to serve, and to remember humanity and that God is in all its students. If this is something that you are looking for then this is the place for you. 

Various teacher training courses taught here include 200, 300, and 500 hours of TTC in multi-style and Kundalini yoga styles. These yoga TTC in India include different techniques like Ashtanga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Hatha incorporated with different styles of yoga like bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, kriya yoga, and Karma yoga. 

The yoga therapy here is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science so as to successfully awaken the energy present within a human being that makes them lead a more conscious and peaceful life. 

Sivananda yoga Vedanta centres

With locations all around the world, Sivananda yoga Vedanta centers have formed a prominent community of yogis, who despite their origin came together for the betterment of their physical and mental being. They have many centers which offer very effective yoga TTC in India. Their courses include all aspects of yoga and meditation. And their teacher training courses are especially famous for providing education in Vedanta, Raja yoga, and sacred cultural practices which originate right from the roots of ancient India. 

This foundation was started by Swami Vishnudevandra whose goal was to incorporate 5 principles into the daily lives of as many people as possible. These principles are derived from ancient practices and can be learned by both beginners and experienced alike. 

The program here is based on the ancient gurukul lifestyle where the students and teachers live together and dwell in similar eating and yogic practices for the duration of the course. 

There teacher training course is for 4 weeks and it can be completed by both a beginner and an experienced person in the field of yoga. They also offer certain advanced-level teacher training courses to further refine your yogic skills. 

Inteyoga, Mysore 

Upholding the traditional Gurukul-style environment this yoga school can definitely be said as one of the authentic yoga schools present in India right now. The special thing about this yoga school is that they teach hatha yoga in a scientific way so that it becomes more reliable for modern human beings to understand, besides hatha yoga, they also do the same for other yogic techniques including Mantra yoga bhakti yoga Jnana yoga and Karma Yoga. 

This yoga school is also known as Swami Krishna Nanda yoga Vidyapeeth named after its founder Swami Krishna Nanda whose yogic style Hatha technique is most prevalent here. They offer yoga alliance US-certified yoga TTC in India. With 200-hour yoga TTC for beginners and an advanced yoga TTC for those who already have some experience as a yogi. Their teaching technique is so simple and easy to understand that a 12-year-old can also enroll in their course and fulfill his dream as a yoga aspirant. 

At this yoga school students are encouraged to live on the principle of Swami Shivanand Ji and Swami Krishna Nand Ji and other mentors of the yoga world so that they can master their Hatha techniques to achieve accuracy in order to perform Raja Yoga. 

8 modules on which every teacher training course here is based are attainment of health, nutrition, purification, stability and rejuvenation, harmonization and energization, crystallization, resolution, and finally contemplation.

Swami Rama sadhaka grama, Rishikesh

This yogic ashram is famous for teaching shuttle art of meditation and yoga as passed on from sage to sage since the Vedic age. The greatest Yoga Guru Shankaracharya divided his techniques into 5 lineages somewhat 12000 years ago. At this ashram, one of his techniques called Bharti lineage is taught. 

This ashram is built in the form of a village for all the spiritual seekers who want a peaceful place to practice learn and further spread their yogic and meditation skills. 

They offer different yoga TTC in India tailored in such a way that it becomes suitable for everyone from all walks of life. Their programs are divided into 5 steps including entering the ashram and learning about meditation, enhancing oneself through special retreats, deepening and self-contemplating by partaking in guided silence, sharing parts including teacher training courses so that one can learn, and then further spreading their yogic knowledge and living include learning about the life as it is in a gurukul. Students can choose to take programs from all these stages to maintain a smooth flow or they can choose any one from the above to achieve the utmost knowledge and learn subtle aspects of yoga meditation. 

Kranti yoga, Goa 

Kranti means revolution, so that is their goal. Kranti yoga has made it their goal to make people more aware and lean towards yoga through their awakening revolution. 

If you are looking for fun as well as a learning opportunity then you should visit Kranti yoga which is located in South Goa. They offer their classes on the beach side in a progressive way making it suitable for all people around the world. 

Their teacher training course is designed in such a way that after completion of this course students can easily go and teach their learnings in any part of the world. They offer 200-hour yoga TTC in India, 300-hour yoga TTC in India, and 500-hour yoga TTC in India. These courses are of different duration because of the difficulty level of each one of these courses. The techniques mastered during these courses include vinyasa flow, yin yoga, and ashtanga yoga. All of these courses are registered and certified by yoga alliance USA making them eligible in any part of the world.

This yoga village is spread over 5 different campuses including the swimming pool campus Ocean view campus pool house campus garden campus and the samadhi campus. You can choose among these 5 environments as per your wish and preference. 

Bottom line 

These were the top 5 yoga TTC in India recommended by us but they are not the last of it. India is a land of many yoga schools which provide different yoga teacher training courses. Many teach authentic, original ancient yoga and meditation practices. 

Teacher training courses are a great way to learn and then further disseminate the knowledge gained to even more people. They have enabled many yoga aspirants to earn a living while also maintaining peace at their core which is a rare thing nowadays.

 So if you are thinking of enrolling in Yoga TTC in India then it definitely is the right call and we completely support you in your decision. To help you even more in your journey we have curated many such blogs and articles so don’t forget to check out our page.