Top Ways to Discover Water Leaks Lurking in Your Home

When it comes to hidden water leaks in your house, it needs to be detected by hiring a leak detection and repair expert as early as possible to prevent successive disasters.  Yes, early detection is crucial because these water leaks can damage the other parts of the home and things get worse. By learning to recognize the signs of hidden water leaks, you can decide when you need to call one of the best plumbers Modesto. Dealing with water damages is not only expensive on your pocket but also causes extensive damage to your home property.

In this blog, we are going to discover top ways to find out the hidden water leaks in your home:

Check your water meter

Checking your water meter is a great way to find hidden water leaks. To do this, turn off all the taps/ faucets in your home. Also, make sure you are not using the toilet and washing machine during this check. First, note the entire reading, and wait for 2 hours and keep all the faucets closed. Re-read your water meter, so if you see change, you have a leak.

To find the source of leak, reach a licensed plumber and schedule his visit to your home for the leak inspection and repair service.

Keep an eye on your utility bills

One of the better ways to find leaks is monitoring your utility bills. Compare your bill with the previous months. If your water consumption is steady and has no change in the pattern of water usage, a constant change in your water bills is a sign of a hidden leak in your home.

As some of the pipes are located underground, you can’t identify the leaks present there. A professional plumbing and drain cleaning Modesto company is required to perform an inspection check of all the water pipes.  

Test your toilet for leaks

Don’t forget to check your toilets for leaks.To test the leak in your toilet, you need food coloring. You need to add some drops of food coloring in the toilet’s tank. Now hold up for 25 mins. Now, if you see the color spreading into the bowl, this a clear sign that you have a toilet leak.  This leak will usually exist near your flapper valve plunger ball.

Water heater leak

Check if  the bottom of the water heater is all fine and doesn’t leak. Even a minor leak is a serious problem.  Because it has to do with the safety of your home. The leaks in the water heater occur for two reasons. One, there is a tank leak. In this case, you will need a new water heater . While the other one is a drain valve that has become loosened and requires tightening. This issue can be solved by calling a renowned water heater repair modesto professional.

Never forget to observe the home’s outdoor area

In addition to checking inside of your home, do check for leaks outside of your home too.

Go to the yard, see if there is any unusually greener area than the rest of the area as it indicates a leak. Also, check for wet/ moist areas in the lawn or yard. If you have damp spots, you have leaks. Smelling a sewage odor outside the house is another sign of a leak.