Top UTV Brands and Their Advantages

When searching for a qualitative UTV, the brand is the first major indicator of quality. Companies that have a reputation for putting out good hardware rarely disappoint, so it’s best to judge a UTV by the emblem first and foremost.

Secondly, the specs are very important. However, those are differentiating factors for those who seek UTVs made for specific purposes. We won’t be going into full detail regarding that, as it would be a very technical subject. However, today we will present to you the best UTV brands that should offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Side-by-Side Brands Today

In our editorial staff’s opinion, the following companies provide the best possible UTV experience today. We will be listing them in no particular order because there’s a lot of subjectivity involved depending on each person’s needs and wants regarding this kind of vehicle.


Known mostly for the RZR lineup, Polaris offers some fantastic UTV options for off-road and racing enthusiasts alike. Their most famous model, the RZR, is excellent for an outdoor adventure, while the General 1000 can go through mud at 70 miles per hour. What more could you want?


There are plenty of reasons why the Can-Am Defender is on so many people’s wishlists. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that this brand has to offer. Do you want off-road racing? You’ve got it. Want a UTV that can help you out on the farm? Can-Am has something for that as well. Oh, and if you’re looking to hunt, you can also find the Mossy Oak edition of the Defender.


While this brand is mostly known for cars and motorcycles, it manages to also be a worthy contender on the UTV market as well. Being such a noticeable brand, you can imagine that there are lots of aftermarket parts for just about any UTV made by the company. If you’re looking for customization, Honda is a great choice, and we encourage you to go see more UTV brand accessories by RAD Parts.


There’s no doubt about it: Yamaha is known for its versatility. And while the Rhino series has been discontinued about a decade ago, they still make the Wolverine, which is absolutely fantastic for those who want a UTV that can handle multiple purposes. Oh, and it also comes at a relatively affordable price when compared to a large part of the competition.


This is yet another brand that’s more known for other types of vehicles yet manages to be a competent competitor on the UTV market as well. The brand’s top model is the ​​Mule Pro-FXT, which is astonishing for working on the ranch. So if you’ve got a big old farm and want something that you can put to good use, consider buying from Kawasaki. Just don’t confuse the Mule Pro-FXT with other models that aren’t necessarily made for the ranch.

Arctic Cat

Known primarily as a snowmobile manufacturer, Arctic Cat also makes all-terrain vehicles and UTVs. Their first side by side was the Prowler, all the way back in 2005. Nowadays, their main entry is the Wildcat, which aims to fill in the gap of recreational UTVs and compete with other more established brands such as Polaris or Can-Am. They also have their popular Racing Series that does exactly what the title says.

What Do You Think?

We want to hear your opinion on this subject as well. Do you have any prior experience with UTVs or is this your first time purchasing one? Either way, we consider all of our readers’ opinions to be valid and we want to hear what you’ve got to say.

Furthermore, we’d like to know which one is your favorite UTV brand. Drop your thoughts down in the comments below. Feel free to come up with your own suggestions and other UTV brands and models that might not be on this list.