Top tips to stay safe while shopping on online shopping sites

Online shopping is highly trending these days and brings so much fun to the shoppers. Not only does it allow the shoppers to stay at home and shop but fledges them with various other benefits. Ranging from getting a chance to explore endless options to saving oneself from the chaos of going out, there are lot many other advantages that may make you fall all praise for online shopping.

But apart from all the benefits it offers, there is a reason to stay watchful about your online shopping whereabouts. It is because there are chances of falling prey to scams and malicious activities. So here are a few things to consider to stay safe while shopping on online shopping sites:

Shop on famous or familiar websites

With the online shopping trend expanding its roots, there are more and more online stores coming up in the online market. But it doesn’t mean that every shopping site is authentic and safe to shop. There are risks of data leak and even money theft that may creep up if you happen to purchase on a malicious website.

When you enter your details during the checkout process or register your credentials while registering on online shopping sites, where do you think all the data go? It goes to the database of that specific website or company. And, there are chances that a company may sell user information for profits, but it may pose the users to risks. Hence, always consider shopping on authentic and famous websites so that you do not fall prey to any such thing.

Build strong passcodes

You might have strong and hard-to-crack passwords for your internet banking and banking apps, but do you have the same for your shopping websites? Hardly a few will say yes to this question then leave alone frequent changing of passwords.

You might be surprised to know that your online shopping website passwords need to be as strong and require frequent changes as your bank passwords. Even a perfect password may not even be close to a really ideal password and cause a data breach. So be careful about the passwords you choose while registering yourself on online shopping sites.

Do not hide dubious activities

If you happen to fall prey to any dubious activities or happen to be duped by any of the online websites, scream it loud. Let the world know about the same. Whether you have been duped while purchasing a collar t shirt for men, footwear, or something as simple as a pen, do not fear bringing such a thing in front of the world. 

Escalating such a thing is not something to be embarrassed about. In fact, this way, you fulfill your social duty of informing any such wrong and malicious activities to others and let them have a chance to be careful about the same. So never back off from filing complaints and get mad about what has occurred, and head out to report the same.

Use credit cards

Use credit cards for online shopping instead of debit cards as they are safer than their counterparts. This is suggested because credit cards do not give the sellers or any hacker direct access to your money.

So even if your credit card details are hacked, the fraudulent person may not be able to make a purchase or use your money. This is because of the questions that a fraud may be showered with by your credit card company. 

Beware of enticing deals

There might be some awesome and amazing deals on a website that may make you fall for the same causing you to make a purchase. But, beware most of such deals are just to entice the customers to make them fall into a trap. Such eye-popping offers may just be there to steal you of your money.

So never fall for such deals because some of them are too good to be true and can get your eyes open wide in dismay at the endpoint while you find yourself to be cheated. 

Do not use public Wi-Fi

Another important point to remember to stay safe while online shopping is to use your own personal internet services. While it may feel tempting to use the public Wi-Fi and do window shopping and make a final purchase, you might be sharing your personal details and passwords with the hackers while using public Wi-Fi.

So despite all the temptations you might feel while using free Wi-Fi, never use the same for online shopping, or you might end up paying hugely for your mistake of using free internet.


So these were a few things that you need to consider while shopping on online shopping sitesThe next time you shop online, consider paying heed to these golden rules to stay at bay from scammers and dubious websites.