Top Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

If you are tasked with organising a corporate event, you are probably dreading the experience, fearing a major fail and that is perfectly understandable if this is your first event. On the positive side, we thought we would put together a few tips from the professional event planner providers like to help you plan the perfect event that seals your promotion.

  • Define the purpose of your event – The first thing to do is define what you hope to accomplish by holding the event; it might be to introduce a new product line or to say thank you to your loyal customers, or even to announce a new concept. 
  • Analyse your audience – Your audience might be a mixture of several groups and understanding how to best reach them is the key to a successful event. Contact the best event table and chair hire in Sydney and make sure you have a few extra tables for additional invites.
  • Setting a budget – This is one of the first things to do; your budget pretty much defines the scope of the event; if you feel the budget is inadequate, do your best to have it increased, as this might be the difference between success and failure. List all costs under two columns, essential and non-essential and see what you can afford to lose.
  • Make it as interactive as possible – If you can find ways to include your audience, so much the better; ideally you want your guests to feel like they have a part to play, rather than simply spectating. You can create contests with suitable prizes while asking for input if this is relevant to your theme.
  • Choosing a venue – Most event planners would agree that the venue makes or breaks an event; take a tour of hotel/resort venues to help you make an informed decision. Top hotels that focus on weddings and corporate events would have all the amenities you would need, including overnight accommodation and car parking. Click here for a stress-free guide to moving house.
  • Co-ordinate effectively – Light and sound engineers need to talk to set decorators, while someone has to liaise with vendors; you should have a tablet that is set up to help you contact any relevant party and by setting up notifications, you won’t overlook anything. 
  • Backups – A spare set of batteries for the mics, a reserve laptop to play the presentation and you might want to hire a generator, or at least have one on standby. What would happen if the heavens opened one hour into the program? If you have adequate marquee space, rain won’t stop the event; otherwise, make alternative arrangements and check the weather regularly as the event date nears. 
  • Splurge on giveaways – Image is everything in the corporate world and if you invest in quality promotional gifts that are useful, your guests will remember you whenever they use the gift. Umbrellas, keyrings, smartphone cases and designer sunglasses, all are great choices.

Do not forget to check with the Australian government regarding permits and regulations and we hope that your event is a wow and your boss will note your planning skills.