Top Tips For Choosing An Interstate Moving Company

In my years of relocations, there are a few tips I learned to select the best moving company for me. I had finally settled on a moving company three years ago and I have used its services ever since. However, I feel that it will be better if I tell you the tips beforehand, so that you can make the decision on your own. Here are a few tips to choosing the best interstate moving company for you next move:

1.   Be sure to get insurance

The best companies offer the most comprehensive insurance. I think the more comprehensive the insurance, the more confident the company is in its abilities, which is why I recommend only reaching out to those companies which offer insurance. Also, there will be a lot of belongings which carry more emotional value for you than market value, i.e. gifts, picture frames, handmade pottery, or something similar. Which is why it would be ideal for you to have a moving company that offers comprehensive insurance, because this will be the motivation for them to be vigilant while handling your belongings.

2.   Take advantage of online reviews

Online reviews on third-party websites are trustworthy, because they are out of the influence of the companies. For example, anyone can leave a review on Google about a moving company. Your best bet is to go for the companies which have the great number of reviews and the best rating. This is because a small number of reviews can be faked, but it is difficult to fake a thousand reviews, let’s say. Therefore, look for the moving companies in your area such as, which offer the services you want, and filter out the ones which have less than a hundred reviews and less than 4 star rating. This way you will only have to decide between the companies which the majority of the people consider as good.

3.   Only go for registered movers

Please be vigilant of moving companies which are not registered with the proper authorities. This is another reason why I suggest that you look for companies with a lot of online reviews, because it is tough for big companies to stay unregistered.

4.   Take advantage of free estimates

There are a lot of moving companies which offer you free estimates over a video, or short inspection. I would recommend that you contact at least three moving companies to gather moving cost estimates. This will enable you to set a budget for your move and determine the typical market price for your move. Also, since it is absolutely free, there is no reason for you to not do this. You can get as many moving estimates as you would like, but I think it would be good if you got at least three.

5.   Deposit prior to moving is a red flag

Note that reputable companies will not ask you to deposit a lot of money upfront. Though there is nothing wrong with it, it is not something that fits the stature of a good moving company. Therefore, if a moving company is asking you for a deposit, find another one.

I hope these pointers help you find the right moving company for you. I used Move4LessNevada on my last couple of moves. If you are in Las Vegas and looking for interstate moves, I recommend that you ask them for an estimate as well, because they are very affordable and the insurance is very comprehensive. They are also the best reviewed moving company according to third-party websites among all moving companies of Las Vegas. Be sure to conduct your research before deciding. And as always, Happy Moving!