Top Tier Chemicals Scam {Sep 2021} Stay Alert!

Promoting Audit: BBB sent correspondence to Top Level Synthetics on August 25, September 1, and September 10, 2021, mentioning more data about the mailing that they are shipping off organizations that seem, by all accounts, to be solicitations mentioning installment for items not got.

Until this point in time, the business has not reacted to our solicitation.

As indicated by BBB’s Code of Promoting #1. Fundamental Standards of the Code

1.1 The essential obligation regarding honest and non-beguiling promoting rests with the sponsor. Promoters ought to be ready to prove any target claims or offers made before distribution or broadcast. Upon demand, they should present such validation speedily to the publicizing medium or BBB.

1.2 Commercials which are false, deceptive, tricky, deceitful, dishonestly criticizing of contenders, or untrustworthy proposals to sell, will not be utilized.

1.3 A commercial overall might be deluding by suggestion, albeit each sentence independently considered might be in a real sense valid.

1.4 Deception might result from direct proclamations, however by discarding or clouding a material truth.