Top Things you Must Do Before Starting a Home Based Business

Working from home can be difficult. It’s hard to make it seem like we are working remotely. It doesn’t look professional when clients call with children screaming, pets meowing, and timers going off to do laundry or cook. How can we make our clients look more professional?

Tip #1: Create a professional website using your domain name.

View More at thetodaytalk. You should not have a “free website” hosted on another domain with ads from other companies. This is a big no-no! Instead, decide that professional websites are essential for a professional appearance. Hire someone skilled in web design or trade with someone who does. It would help if you chose a domain name that is related to your business.

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Tip #2: Get a second phone line or a distinctive ring tone for your line.

Many phone companies offer plans that allow you to have multiple numbers ringing to one line. To avoid clients calling after hours, it is better to have your phone line. You can also “close the door” to work when you are not there. You can use a professional voicemail or answering machine message to check your messages frequently.

Tip #3: Consider how to show your business address.

Get services at . What are you going to do to show your physical location? There are many options. Many home-based entrepreneurs will tell clients that meetings are by appointment only. This is to discourage them from dropping in while they’re still in jammies and not having had their morning coffee. Two other options for customers who don’t know that you work remotely are a P.O. You can attach a “Suite number” to your address or box. You can use a P.O. If you use a P.O. Box, you must give your home address to the carrier for any packages or other items they wish to send to you. However, it provides anonymity and discourages drop-in visitors. To make your address appear to be a business office, attach a suite number.

Tip #4: Share your office etiquette guidelines with your family.

How will your family set the rules for you and your children when you are on the phone with clients or talking to them? Is it possible to assign a timer for your family members, so they know when you will be available? Do you plan to set up office hours, so clients don’t have to meet outside of these hours? Is there a place for children to play in the office? This is particularly important if your children will be playing quietly around the office while you work.

Tip #5: Invest in high-quality marketing products and promotional items.

If you don’t have a high-quality printer, don’t print business cards. Make sure you invest in high-quality brochures and business cards. Print some letterhead if you can for business correspondence, such as letters to potential clients, contracts, and letters to prospective customers. You can even invest in custom promotional products such as T-shirts, apparel, coffee mugs, and mousepads is a good idea. Make sure to check the quality of any products you are printing. Do not “price-hunt”; look for the best quality products and invest in your company.

Five Things Boomers Should Do Before Starting A Home Business

Do not quit your job yet. There are five things you need to do before you start a home-based business.

For baby boomers who desire to own their own business, it can be challenging to leave the security of a job that offers 401(k), health insurance and other benefits.

Analyze Your Exit Strategy

The youngest baby boomers turn 42 at the moment, while the oldest is 60. It doesn’t matter where you are in this age group; planning your exit strategy from work is crucial for your long-term success with a home-based business. Are you able to save enough? Are you able to contribute to your spouse’s insurance if you are married?

Create a Financial Plan

What is your current salary? How much are your fixed, variable, and frivolous expenses now? You and your family should have a plan in place to help you understand the financial picture until your business is up and running.

How to choose a business model and legal entity

There are many business models available, including consulting, home party plans and affiliate marketing. The decision should be based on who you are and what you do best. A tax accountant or attorney should discuss the options for a legal entity to represent your business. There are three options: sole proprietor, LLC, or Subchapter S-Corp.

Set Business Benchmarks

A road map is essential for any business. You can create a plan to achieve your goals by setting financial and industry benchmarks.

Get a physical

What does a physical mean for your business? Your health insurance policy will likely change once you quit your job. This is not fair, but it can be hard to find new insurance for your 60s, 50s, or 40s. Although you may be passionate about your home-based business, it is not necessary to have good health to reap the benefits of your hard work.

The baby boomer generation is unlike any other. Although technically we can be considered middle-aged, our minds, bodies, and spirits are far beyond that. While we know that there is more to life than just a job at 9-5, there are essential steps you must take first. It will save you headaches later by planning and preparing your home business.