Advanced technology, striking architecture, a wide range of interactive exhibits, eye-catching booths, and incredible exhibition stand ideas – all this is united by one concept – the trade shows in Dubai. It brings together all the progressive thoughts of the world, inspiring and providing new opportunities for both – exhibitors and visitors. So, the ideas of the booth should be chosen extraordinary and the exhibition stand builders in Dubai should be found creative and experienced.

Dubai has long been one of the most ideal places for holding international exhibitions of any scale and in any industry. Organizing events and exhibitions of all kinds is an integral part of Dubai’s business life.

Dubai’s exhibition and event calendar is packed throughout the year, covering hundreds of exhibitions and other events. However, despite that  the exhibition industry continues to grow and strengthen. There are predictions that over the next few years at least half a million new jobs will be created and more than two thousand new facilities serving the exhibition industry will be built. Currently in Dubai there are such permanent exhibition centers such as the World Trade Center Dubai DWTC and a new, built for the World Expo 2020, the Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC). The Dubai World Trade Center, which hosts most of the exhibitions listed below, is luxurious and well worth a visit.

The success of the Dubai exhibition industry is due to the large number of niche events and industry exhibitions.

So, here is a list of the most popular exhibition industries in Dubai and the ideas we have collected that will help make your exhibition stand as attractive as possible for visitors:

Top ideas for booths in Automotive Industry shows in Dubai

The Motor Show is one of the most popular exhibitions in Dubai and is one of the most important for the automobile market. It showcases the latest cars and the technology that goes into them. 

When creating a booth design, you need to ensure that the booth has as much open space as possible, allowing you to display your products without obstacles. The number of vertical structures should be kept to a minimum. Taking into consideration that in this case the walls at the stand will not play a key role, carefully consider the floor covering – it must be practical and at the same time eye-catching. Do not be afraid to combine textures and colors of flooring. 

It is equally important to convey the character and personality of the brand on the stand. Design 

and visualization of the stand should fully allow the visitors to feel the main idea, the main message of the brand. Speed or respectability, minimalism or luxury, design your stand in harmony with the personality of the brand. 

Undoubtedly, the brightest spot, which attracts visitors’ attention on your stand should be, and certainly will be, the product itself. However, using some of the latest technology you can get more attention from visitors and potential customers and partners. This may be the use of a hologram of the car or displayed part, as well as the creation of their projection. There could be also interesting the idea of creating a copy of the car from transparent parts or with open access to the inward of the car. 

Ideas for booths in Dubai Food industry 

Exhibitions in this segment provide ample space for imagination in developing and implementing design. It can be a recreation of the local color of the country/place of origin of the product, for example, an Italian or French courtyard with the use of natural flowers, fruits, vegetables or, on the contrary, an imitation of a grapevine; and the construction of the stand in the form of the product itself in an enlarged scale – for example, a slice of cheese or a bottle. 

At exhibitions of the food industry, of course, it is important not only to demonstrate the product, but, first and foremost, to taste it. Experienced exhibitors know that treating visitors to snacks, giving them a possibility to treat themselves to drinks on a hot day, is one of the sure-fire tricks for attracting large numbers of people to a booth. In the case of food industry trade shows, the “ball” is on the side of the show exhibitor. By doing a product tasting, you can not only attract more customers, but also bring a new product to market. 

Excellent also work ideas with master classes and the preparation of a professional chef right in front of visitors – for the very demonstration of the product and the possibilities of its application in the preparation of various dishes. Properly, for this purpose, participants develop the design of the stand, including the necessary elements of the kitchen. Artful show creation of dishes and incredible smells – all this leads to the expected result, attracting more and more visitors, potential customers.  

Best ideas for exhibition stands in Clothing and Textile Industry

This industry, like no other, is directly related to fashion and trends, which must also be reflected in the creation of the exhibition stand itself. However, there are proven tips that will help your booth attract a large number of visitors without looking like an example of bad taste. 

Don’t try to use all the available technologies and trends at once – let the emphasis be on one thing: pop-up or bending displays, the use of suspended textile design structures, the original design of the booth itself, etc.

When implementing this, remember the rule of three colors – in a booth with clothes and/or textiles full of bright colors, using more than three colors in the design of the booth can lead to a repulsive effect.

The stand itself, its space should be filled no more than 60% – giving the opportunity to demonstrate the products in a quality manner and not burden the visitor’s perception. It will also encourage them to visit your website to learn more about the brand and products.

Exhibition booths ideas for Tourism show in Dubai 

The participants of this exhibition, one of the few, are lucky enough to present their products at the booth. Their product is so colorful and fascinating in itself that it is the visualization of their product/service should be emphasized when creating their booth design. 

Consider large composite displays or next-generation glowing LED walls displaying colorful landscapes or cozy hotel interiors. 

Don’t forget to set aside a small space for the relaxation zone. Your task is to change for the visitor of your stand the environment of a noisy exhibition and immerse him in an atmosphere of travel, relaxation, and therefore rest. 

The idea of recreating one of the landmarks of the country or area you are representing can also be interesting.

Ideas for stands design in beauty industry, perfumery, cosmetics exhibitions

For such exhibitors – representatives of this industry, it is necessary to remember that in most cases, especially in the field of decorative cosmetics, the products themselves are the bright spot on the stand. Therefore, in the construction of the booth, it is recommended to use light colors of the walls and ceiling, if it is to be used. At the same time, accents can be made on the floor – in the form of a palette of decorative cosmetics, or hangers with product advertisements. 

At the same time, it is necessary to remember the importance of proper lighting of the stand. 

In the case of perfume products, models of enlarged bottles of fragrances always look great. As a rule, they are the crown of design ideas and will decorate any stand. 

It would be appropriate to create a photo zone at your stand, which is guaranteed to bring the maximum number of visitors to your stand.

Best ideas for the design, interior, furniture exhibitions in Dubai

By creating a booth design project, exhibitors in the interior design and furniture industry have an exceptional opportunity to showcase their products, using them to recreate a booth environment. Creating an eye-catching environment will show how products can be used to transform a space. 

You can also get creative with graphics, in such a field of trade shows it is also acceptable to break the three color rule. 

Let your imagination spread its wings – enliven your stand with unusual shapes, using original 3D constructions. Along with the flat walls of your neighbors’ stands, your stand will definitely attract the attention of visitors. The use of structural design will not only make your stand unique, but once again prove your creativity and professionalism. 

When designing your booth, also do not overlook ideas for lighting. Be sure, that the lighting at the booth plays an important role. Nowadays the lighting can be so diverse that you are sure to find the right solution to create accents on the stand.  

Top ideas for the Boat Show in Dubai

This is the only exhibition that is not held at the Dubai World Trade Center. It takes place in Dubai Harbor. Yachting enthusiasts from all over the world attend this annual show.

For sure, all the standard booth design ideas for attracting visitors may be irrelevant here. It is obvious that the booth itself will play a lesser role in attracting customers than the products. 

More pertinent tips for attracting customers to your booth may be 

– Do your marketing before the show: it is important to contact your existing customers, and also if you are lucky to find out a list of potential customers – contact other visitors to the show; use social media to announce your participation in the show; think of a schedule for each day of the show and send it out to your customers, and post on social media and on industry platforms on the Internet, along with a prepared press release;

– Train and motivate your employees before the show. They are the face of your brand at the show. Make sure that the staff you select are qualified, familiar with the brand product and have the necessary skills, especially communication skills. 

– Offer a rare experience: attract visitors to your booth with an engaging product demonstration or presentation, a seminar or workshop, a guest speaker or a Q&A session with one of the product developers.