Chandler is a great city which balances culture, entertainment and many family-focused events. Moving to Chandler is a tight decision because of the many things you could enjoy there. The weather, standard of living and transportation are what attract people to move to Chandler, AZ. 

We will talk about places to move to Chandler, and why you need to move among other things.

Places you can work in Chandler, AZ

Here are companies in chandler you can work for when you move  :

Nationwide vision

This is a top firm created in 1985 which offers one of the best eye care services in chandler. It offers people eye correction, visual exams, and other eye-related conditions. People who want to relocate to work at this firm can use movers in Chandler, AZ, because they are trustworthy. They offer vacancies to people seeking a nursing job or health issues. Their working conditions are great and pay is great.


Isagenix is a reliable and one of the trusted companies in chandler that helps people and commutes to live a healthy life. They promote wellness and good nutrition. They have one of the most flexible working conditions in chandler, AZ. When thinking of moving to Chandler, you should consider working with them.


It is known as Saint Clair Technology which is a trusted company which deals in solving their customer problems. They deal in IT and tend to achieve their objectives. They have ideal working conditions which attract many people to move to the city.

Microchip Technology

This company is owned by Steve Sanghi. Microchip Technology is a top provider of microcontrollers and semiconductors. This in turn offers Rd low-risk product developments and quick delivery to their customers worldwide.


This is a family-owned FMCG firm which is popular for its bakery materials. They have a comprehensive butcher store and all their goods are locally made. If you are thinking of working in a grocery store or food industry in chandler, this is a perfect place to work.

Lovelace CO

This is a major distributor of megger, datel, yokogawa and other excellent lines of measurement tools. Some people call it MeterCenter which was founded by Andrew Lovelace. They have been in business for years and are known in manufacturing or distribution environments. Getting a job in this company can be a bit difficult, however, their pay is great and their HR is very responsible.

What Chandler can offer you?

Here are some reasons to visit chandler, AZ :

Top beverage and beer

If you are a lover of coffee or beer, then moving to Chandler might be a good decision. They have Peixoto coffee roasters who are known for their good services. Their drinks are cool and their coffee is roasted nicely.

Great environment

Chandler is an excellent city with many counties and towns having a unique niche. Downtown Chandler is nice for its nice weather, amazingly good and friendly atmosphere. You can find good burgers, like Big Buck Burger because of their high protein quality menus.

Nice paying jobs

Chandler is a place with so many high-paying companies. It is home to many banks, tech companies and aerospace companies. Their companies recruit regularly and offer great incentives to their staff.

Benefits of moving to Chandler, AZ

If you are considering moving to Chandler, you have made the right choice. Here are some benefits of going there :

High national ranking

When seeking a city to relocate to in the US, national rankings are a way to know what they offer. National rankings let you know how your stay will be and the amenities you will enjoy. Chandler has been ranked among the top places to become rich and third among the best cities to get a family home.

Accessible location

Location is an important factor to choose when seeking a place to move to. This is one of the most accessible cities in AZ. Transportation and road networks are great and you are just minutes away from major highways. If you travel frequently, then using the airport is important. From anywhere in Chandler, you can get to the airport within 10 minutes.


Chandler is one of the safest cities you can get in AZ. The crime rate is relatively low compared to other cities in the state. There are several police stations scattered all over the city and by calling 911, you will be visited within minutes.

Affordable Housing

Asides from security and accessible location, getting a cheap house is what anyone moving should know. At Chandler, you can get affordable houses and apartments for good rates. You can talk to a Realtor, cash home buyer or ibuyers.

Educational system

For those whose education is their main aim of moving to Chandler, you have nothing to fear. The educational system is very good and Chandler has many good educational schools with licensed teachers. You can bring your child up in the school structure.


Chandler is one of the best places you can stay and move to permanently in AZ. There are many places where you can work and the cutie boast of top schools and crime rates are low.