In this assessment we are discussing about the different best learning online platform for students.  These online platforms mainly provide the aiming to learn the new marketable skills by which these students can explore different ideas.  This learning platform usually consider the great solutions of the problems provided to the students to make their own schedule.  By the help of this online learning platform the student can easily end quickly consider the virtual classes and save money.

1. Best online learning platforms for students

 Most of the online platform usually provide different certifications to these students which are mainly designed to grow their interpersonal skills.  Following are the list of best online learning platform in the year 2022 for students

2.1 Courser

In this online platform these students are provided with more than 3000 courses.  The student also get the certificate in relation to this end the price of the different projects is about dollar 9.99 per course.  Courser has been partnered with about 200 universities all over the globe so that they can create their supplement education for the career development plan.  The advantages of using this platform for the online studies mainly includes that this platform provide the in depth courses of universities and organizations.  This platform usually offer of more than 1500 free courses to the students.  This platform also provide the classes different multiple languages.

 2.2 Demy

This online platform mainly provide the courses of about 183000. I have used this platform to Dissertation Proposal Example. This online platform usually provide these certificates to the students but not all of them.  This course is quite expensive with the price of about ranging from dollar 11 till dollar 200 or more than this.  This platform has been chosen because this is providing of more than 183000 classes to their students 24 hours (Moawad, 2020).  There are about more than 65,000 tutors and instructors who usually communicate promptly with their students related to every niche. This platform usually provide the professional skills and expertise to their students. Demy also consider the multimedia lecture which mainly incorporate and provide the benefits to these students related to their readings and quizzes. This online platform is also providing the guarantee of the refund amount within the 30 days. There are about 65 languages end course is available in this platform with no deadline for the students to listen the lectures. 

2.3 Skill share

  This online platform mainly consists of more than 35,000 courses available in different languages.  The price of this course is dollar 14 per month which is the equal amount of $168 every year.  No certificate is provided in this online learning platform and there is no accredited institution (Schlenz, 2020). This platform is the subscription based online learning platform by which these student can get more than 70 creative topics or there graphic designing and creative writing projects.  This platform mainly provide the wide range of different topics which mainly includes the coordination and guidance of skilled instructors.  The information and data related to this platform can be get from Dissertation Proofreading Services. There are limited free courses available for these students this platform mainly offers the team planning for the groups of more than 20 people and this platform usually provide the seven day trials for the subscription.  This seven day trial is free of cost.

 2.4 Master class

  There are about more than hundred horses available in this platform ranges from dollar 15 per month.  No certificate is provided in this online platform.  This platform mainly consists of the courses at the tap into the expertise of celebrities we usually provide different leadership skills for indent courses variety and topics. This platform is the world class instructor which usually consists of different membership programs.  These membership programs are available for all the classes at the unlimited access.  The master class online platform usually consists of different courses which are of comprehensive curriculum nature. This platform usually provide 30 days off satisfaction guaranteed to there is students.  This platform does not offer any free trial courses. 

2.5 EDX

There are about more than 3500 courses available in this online platform. This platform usually charge the price which begins from dollar 50 in order to receive the verified certificate.  The credit institution is also available in relation to provide online classes.  This online platform mainly do their business with the partner like Hayward and MIT University.  There are about more than 15,000 instructors in this platform who are usually the of course oriented across several different categories (Schlenz, 2020). These categories are divided according to different subjects and did agree of program by which the student can enhance their career development opportunities. This platform usually provide the audit classes for the students for free.  This online platform has also conducted different seminars and programs for the bachelors and masters students and provide them their decree according to it.  This online learning platform mainly provide the financial assistance of about more than 90% of reduction and also providing the 14 days money back guarantee.  In this online learning platform there are only limited courses available in relation to the creative human field.  All the horses show require the eligible financial assistance. 

2. Conclusion

There are different ways by which the individuals can select the best online learning platform.  These online learning platform usually provide different benefits to these students and teenagers so that they can have the access after this summer courses at their schools and universities.  These children can also explore their personal interest and consider the measurable skills through it.  These skills and expertise of the student can also be enhanced because of the focus on creative learning platforms.  These platform usually provide the assistance to the individuals so that they can gain the personal experience.  There are instructors and experts available with all the learning platform so that the student can interact with them and solve their queries promptly. The main benefit of these platforms is that most of them provide these certificates to the students which ultimately improve their resume.  These students can easily consider and monitor their professional skills and advancement through focusing on different technological advances related to these learning platforms.


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