Top Free Website Design Tools to Try In 2021

If you have started with a business idea this year, the website is the best strategy to increase your online visibility. However, you cannot afford the website to be mundane and boring anymore. It’s the year 2021, and digital marketing has reached every part of the world. With multiple websites coming up every day, how is yours going to be different?

One aspect can be through incorporating smart interface features for disabled persons, especially those with partial or total blindness, blur vision, etc. by complying with the web accessibility standards & rules. In this context, an expert like “Accessibility Spark” can help install an accessibility tool that appears as an overlay on your site.

Since the advent of online marketing, websites have become a core part of any business. It helps drive in the customer traffic you need within minutes. Hence, a good website is not a luxury but a necessity for every business today. But how can you build a good website from scratch? Is it possible with zero investments? Yes, it is! You can find companies that charge for their services like the top website design company. However, many web design services are available free of cost.

Here, you can also go for A/B testing tools that help in an extensive comparison of two landing pages, and thereby choosing one that passes a split test, based upon certain key technical parameters. A specialist like “Trident AB” can help you to effectively compare two different variations of web pages, by integrating their user flow testing tool on your site.

Are you looking for the best free tools to increase your business performance? Here is a list of the top six web tools you don’t need to spend a penny for.

Top Free Web Design Tools Available Today

The list consists of simple web-developing tools and the extra tools, required to spice up the website. These minor but significant details are going to make your website more lucrative. So, don’t hold back on them.

1. WordPress

If you have ever researched web development, you must have come across WordPress. It is the most trusted and sought-after tool for designing a website. Be they bloggers or businessmen, all prefer WordPress for its free-of-cost, high-quality services.


  • Easy to use, one of the most user-friendly tools
  •  It is popular, accounts for more than 50 million websites today
  • Allows users to create and maintain multiple sites
  • Offers the whole set of services required for content creation on the website
  • Allows users to preview the content while writing
  • With WordPress mobile applications available on Android and iOS, it’s possible to publish anywhere
  • Continues to save the work as you go on creating the content
  • Quite flexible to work with and helps avoid distractions

2. Wix

Building a website from scratch seems daunting, isn’t it? But the web design tools like Wix make it look like a piece of cake. All you need to do is customize the space according to your business plan and customers. Moreover, there are a hundred options to select the right content for your website.


  • It helps improve the SEO to enhance the website traffic
  • Offers users the opportunity to design their logo
  • Allows the use of unlimited illustrations – handmade and otherwise – to add some colour to the website
  • The tool provides a “Member’s Area” to strengthen the online community of customers
  • It gives access to more than a hundred fonts to upgrade your design

3. Bootstrap

Bootstrap has gained popularity as a free web development tool due to its user-friendly approach. It offers free services that allow users to create their dream websites without the hustle of codes and technical knowledge. Though free, the service is remarkable and a must-try for any kind of website you wish to design or develop.


  • It offers free templates and designs one can easily choose from
  • Easy and flexible to use
  • Simple to personalize the design according to your wants
  • Tutorials and help are available for all the users to figure the way it works
  • Compatible with all the latest platforms

4. Vector

Those days are gone when websites were all about simple stuff. What you need today is some jazz and flair to compete with the other interesting web domains. And graphic design comes in handy just for that!


  • It is one of the best open-source tools available for graphic design
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • The content created is automatically saved online
  • A multiple designing features available to design a personalized graphic for any website

5. Google Fonts

Text is what a website runs for. Isn’t a visually appealing font likely to take your website to the next level? It’s possible with Google Fonts.


  • Easy accessibility – a simple Google search is all that’s required
  • Simple to use
  • It works faster on the website
  • Fonts available in over 135 languages

6. TextureKing

Illustrations are the first thing your customers are likely to notice. The tone, idea and theme of your content are expressed best with textures and templates on the website. TextureKing free software allows you to do exactly that!


  • Abundant options available
  • Easy to use
  • No need to create a new theme
  • The available textures are enough, suitable for all the themes

This is not all! There are many other free web design services easily accessible to users. A website is of utmost importance for any business to attract customers and thus, make money promptly. Now the choice rests with you. From the multiple web design services, what suits you the best? Or, if the whole thing gets too confusing, the leading website design company in Bangalore, Delhi etc. can help you sort it out.

Thanks to these tools, developing a website has become much easier and quicker today. Which one of these fits your needs? Choose the best one!