Top Five Netflix Series To Watch When You Are In A Great Mood

Netflix has a lot of content for you to watch, but it really gets difficult sometimes to figure out what you should watch according to your mood. So if you are feeling great on a certain day, then the following are some shows which you must watch on Netflix.


The Next Hint confirmed in one of its reports that Tidelands season 2 will soon get aired on Netflix and the expected date for the release of the second season of this much awaited show is either December 2021 or January 2022. The fans of the show had been demanding a next season for a long time and finally their prayers have come to fruition. If you have not watched this show yet, then you must watch it right away. The most important reason to watch this show is that it has a high entertainment quotient and a lot of drama. So if you are ever in a great mood, then you should definitely give this show a try. You can watch the first season of this show on Netflix.


Grace and Frankie is one of the best and longest running sitcoms in the history of television. The situational comedy is full of hilarious moments and you will not feel bored at any time while watching the show. You must note that while the show is devoid of any kind of glamour or drama, it still has enough content that can keep you hooked to it for a long time. The brilliant performances from the leading ladies of the show are delightful to watch and you will not feel betrayed after watching the show. So if you are in a great mood and want to see something which is lighthearted and hilarious, then this is the show that you should go for!


An animated show which is certainly going to lift your spirits up when you want to have a great time and you are already in a good mood. The show has done a great job with the voice acting and the thrilling storyline of the show is enough for you to watch this show at least once.


Sex Education is one of the most popular shows that has come out of Netflix and you should totally watch it to entertain yourself if you are in a great mood!


The Witcher stars Henry Cavill as the eponymous lead and he has done a marvelous job in the show. Apart from that, the supporting cast and the story of the show are two of the biggest reasons as to why you should watch this show when you are in a great mood!

You will find these shows extremely thrilling and entertaining. We cannot wait to see what your response is going to be for these shows as they are truly some of the greatest shows ever made and released on Netflix. Also, you must subscribe to our website for more such amazing and engaging content!