Top Factors to Consider Picking a Whistleblower Attorney

When any evidence of fraud is discovered against a pharmaceutical company and the victim wants to fight against the perpetrators, he/she deserves to be appreciated for courage. By filing a qui tam or civil lawsuit, the victim might be entitled to monetary rewards from the pharmaceutical company. Additionally, one is also entitled to protection under Federal law. Such civil cases are time-consuming and include complex stages, which can be overwhelming for an individual to handle. This is where a pharmaceutical fraud whistleblower attorney can be of great help. The success of a case significantly depends on picking the right legal expert.

Years of Experience

Qui tam or civil whistleblowers represents the highly-skilled and highly-technical domain of the law. Only a few attorneys across the country have the knowledge and years of experience in handling such complex cases. Thus, it is recommended that one must research thoroughly when looking for a whistleblower attorney. It is further important to assess the credentials of such legal experts and find those who devote their years of practice to representing pharmaceutical fraud or similar whistleblowers.

Understanding and Reliable

The lawyer chosen to represent a whistleblower must be someone who understands his/her client. Understanding brings in better communication which in long run builds a good relationship, allowing clients to trust and rely on the attorneys. It takes a long time to resolve false claims and cases, which means a long-term relationship with the lawyer. Filing a qui tam case is in itself a big decision. Hence, it is more important to trust one’s pharmaceutical fraud whistleblower attorney.

Range of Resources

Litigating pharmaceutical fraud cases take a lot of manpower. Such cases demand expert witnesses, document review systems, experienced investigators, and so on. Hence, when a whistleblower attorney is considered for one such case, it is important to assess his/her resources for handling such unseen situations in the case. Resources play a very big role in the success or failure of the case along with the apt skills, experience, and excellent track record of the lawyer.

Responsiveness and Support

Whistleblowing is a challenging and tedious activity. The whistleblower might be treated as an enemy for taking the stand for truth and justice. Furthermore, one’s life and job might also be at stake as pharmaceutical companies have a big reputation in the market to threaten whistleblowers and disrupt their life. Hence, it is more important to select an attorney who is responsive and has a supportive team to all the needs and queries.


The above-mentioned elements are some of the vital factors that must be considered seriously before picking a pharmaceutical fraud whistleblower attorney. Having extensive years of experience and knowledge about different whistleblower cases gives an edge over others to handle and even win the case. Qui tam litigation cases are complicated with piles of documentation and paperwork. Attorneys with appropriate skills and knowledge can take charge of such cases and represent the whistleblowers. Selecting the right legal expert can indicate whether the case is successful  or not.