Top Data Science Programs – 2021 List

If you take a quick look around today’s business and commercial world, you’re bound to come across the terms Data Science and Data Analytics. It is because data is becoming an increasingly important component of any successful 21st-century business. You’re also likely to come across the term Big Data, which refers to the massive amounts of data businesses manage. Consider the case of a business titan like Coca-Cola. According to its Data Strategy director, big Data analytics played a significant role in its successful customer retention program. 

This post will present you with a list of the Internet’s Best Online Data Science Programs. It indicates that data is seen as one of a company’s most valuable assets and that most companies are devoting significant efforts to improving data management. And having a PG Diploma in Data Science will become a valuable asset for your employer. 

Why Data Science? 

While data has proven to be a useful asset in today’s environment, it is essentially useless in its unprocessed form. As a result, for information to make sense for any business, it must be structured and organized. This procedure necessitates skilled experts with the necessary ability to deal with data and convert it into a useful format, which is where Data Science comes in.

Data Science is a vast field inclusive of various subfields that all have one thing in common: data analysis and the extraction of relevant information. Data Science has risen to become one of the most sought-after careers on the planet in the last five years. It was 2020, the first year since 2016 that Glassdoor’s annual ranking did not place it first.

However, it is critical to comprehend why Data Science is such a vital field. To understand this, you must look at three factors: demand, supply, and growth. Data will be the primary basis for most organization’s decision-making in 2021 when it comes to demand. As a result, data scientists are required for organizations to obtain an appropriate analysis from raw data.

On the other hand, the number of Data Scientists available is still limited. It is both a benefit and a drawback. If you plan to start a career in this field, there are still plenty of undiscovered prospects. On the other hand, companies suffer from this, as they aggressively seek data scientists to fill diverse positions. When it comes to growth, Data Science has been on an upward track for nearly a decade. Data Science positions have increased by 650 percent since 2012, according to LinkedIn.

1) SQL Basics for Data Science

Because SQL is the most extensively used language in data processing by most firms, this is an essential course for any Data Scientist. To work with data contained in Relational Databases, a Data Scientist needs SQL expertise. Querying databases and extracting data are two of the most fundamental roles.

For a variety of reasons, Data Scientists favor SQL as a programming language. For starters, the language facilitates access to large amounts of data from the source. Data Analysis in SQL is simple to duplicate and audit. It is the main reason for SQL Basics for Data Science to be the most popular in 2021.

2) Applied Data Science with a Python Focus.

Understanding Python, in addition to SQL, is a prerequisite for a successful Data Science profession. Python has proven to be the language of choice for Data Scientists time and time again. That’s not all; it also surpassed R in KDNuggets’ annual survey of Data Scientists’ favorite tools.

It is quickly becoming popular among today’s Data Scientists. Finally, 66 percent of data scientists admitted to using it for daily activities in 2018, propelling it to the top of the Data Science programming language list. As a result, mastering essential language abilities can undoubtedly help you go a long way.

3) Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

In March of 2021, Google introduced the Data Analytics Professional Certificate. One could argue that this was great timing because there was a considerable gap between the supply and demand for Data Analytics professionals, resulting in firms losing money due to a failure to use data appropriately. Your job as a Data Analyst, or Data Scientist, is to collect data and turn it into findings and forecasts utilized to make better decisions. A data analyst’s starting salary in the United States is $67,000, with 337,400 positions in the region.

4) IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science Certificate is for persons who have little or no experience with data science. It provides students the essential abilities to begin a successful Data Science profession, making it an ideal contender for this list. You can start with basic computer literacy, high school level mathematical understanding, and a desire to adapt and learn new things in this Python-based course from the historical computing giant IBM.

5) Harvard Edu Data Science and Machine Learning

Machine Learning provides the foundation for many of the most prominent Data Science approaches. These are a collection of techniques that enable computers to learn from data and forecast patterns over time.


As data becomes a key decision-making influencer in today’s business world, the demand for expertise in these sectors will only grow. You are one step closer to becoming a fully certified Data Scientist and entering into the fascinating world of data by taking these courses. 

Integrating data from all sources is the initial step in creating any Data Science technique. It is an important one and needs utmost attention. On the other hand, most firms now have massive data with a dynamic structure spread across multiple apps. Developing a Data Pipeline from the ground up for such data is a difficult task, as firms will need many resources to design it and then ensure that they can handle the increasing data volume and Schema variations.