Looking for a list of crystals for mental and physical healing? We’ve got you covered in this article!

We already know the mantra if we want to keep ourselves all fit and sound — eat and sleep well, move your body, stay away from stress, and the list goes on!

While these have been proven to be quite beneficial for keeping your health in check, it also helps if we expand our world of alternatives a little more than we are used to. 

This is especially true for those who want to address their emotional, spiritual health, their physical and mental health. As it is, whenever our body, mind, and soul aren’t all in sync or aligned, we can expect some turmoil down the line.

One of the alternatives that have come to light lately is the use of healing crystals. Crystals are widely believed to tap into their users’ more profound sense of wellness. They are also thought to allow us to throw off bad habits while flushing the blockages off our chakras. On the other hand, these gemstones are claimed to encourage strength in their users’ physical components.

To all crystal lovers who only want the best out of their stones in achieving quality physical and mental health, welcome to the list of healing crystals that can help you achieve these needs.

1. Origin of healing crystals 

Crystals are as attractive as they are mystical. But before you finally enamor yourself and your well-being by incorporating them into your lifestyle and daily rituals, it is imperative that you take into account how they came about first.

Considered a group of minerals, crystals come in varieties — from semi-rare stones, the clear ones, to the brighter versions. To say that crystals have a long history relative to well-being is an understatement.

For instance, the amber crystal was found to have been used for protection and well-being 10,000 years ago in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, crystals were likewise associated with health and prosperity. The same can be said for many stones used for ritual and medicinal purposes. These stones include emerald, turquoise, carnelian, and lapis lazuli.

Historians also revealed that even the mysterious Leonardo Da Vinci harbored a gemstone on his desk, claiming that “evil thoughts” can be dispelled by the amethyst crystal.

2. Crystals and their lore

It is in the alternative medicine community in which the belief in stones and their healing powers originated from.

When these crystals were first introduced into the scene, they were believed to interact with the body’s energy fields, most commonly known as vibrational energies. This idea also postulated that crystals could redirect or even re-channel energy flow with distinct energetic vibrations. Accordingly, these helped bearers unblock bodily areas believed to be “stuck.”

3. Healing crystals that can improve your mental health

Whenever you’ve finally decided to add crystals into your routine, it is imperative that you are tuned with reality and just about what these stones can do for you and your needs.

In the realm of mental health, for example, crystals are thought to alleviate mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

But as there’s no scientific proof today that demonstrates the efficacy of crystals on mental health and even energies and emotions, it is only logical that you don’t replace your medical treatment for common mental disorders.

However, it is suggested that the use of healing crystals be considered as an alternative to creating a sense of being grounded and centered. The crystals’ positive effects can be doubled when you follow your doctor’s advice simultaneously.

Here are some of the crystals for mental and physical healing that you can take advantage of:

3.1 Moonstone

With an already attractive appearance, you’ll be surprised to realize that moonstones also feature an equally beneficial ability that aids you in managing your mental health. 

Moonstones are also suitable for focus while improving the users’ clarity. The same stone is also noted for its capability to calm you down, especially in the most taxing times. 

If productivity is something that you need boosting, you can wear moonstones as they can help you manage your time more effectively.

How to use moonstone

Apart from wearing moonstones, these stones can also be used for manifesting. As manifesting is associated with the heart chakra, you can wear this gemstone near your heart to attract your desire.

To calm down, you can either place a moonstone on your altar or adjacent to the entryway in your house. You can also put it in your car while driving for a clear head.

3.2 Opal

One of the more popular stones that combat negative emotions, opals attempt to get rid of these energies by “soaking” them up. This allows you to welcome more room for positive emotions. 

As it is, opals are suitable for users who intend to deal with uncomfortable feelings such as stress, anger, and depression.

Opals are also known for being the bringer of balance and harmony. The element of hope is noticeable among its wearers.

How to use opal

There is no better way to attract the healing powers of opals than wearing them. When worn and pressed against your skin, they can send high vibrations directly, right where they are needed. 

Meanwhile, you can use opals in reiki healing and crystal grids. These approaches are said to amplify the energy that emanates from them. Alternatively, opals can also be used in yoga and meditation. With their powers of implications, these crystals can intensify your spiritual energy.

3.3 Blue Lace Agate

The only more striking thing about the blue lace agate, apart from its appearance, is its benefits for the mental health of its users. 

The blue lace agate crystal is especially beneficial for people who struggle from anxiety. Although anxiety comes in many forms, the crystal can still alleviate these feelings. That said, the crystal can work for those who either feel short-term anxiety or the long-term, chronic variety.

The blue lace agate is also famed for being the stone of communication, allowing those with confidence and articulation issues to verbalize their truth. The stone also provides clarity of thought while directing us to lean towards energies that matter most.

How to use blue lace agate

As a soothing and nurturing stone, the blue lace agate can be used by wearing it in or as a pendant rounding your neck. You can also wear it close to your throat chakra.

3.4 Rose quartz

Brimming with positive feelings of love, warmth, and self-acceptance, there is no doubt that the rose quartz crystal is now one of the most popular gemstones that attend to someone’s mental health needs.

For instance, if you happen to be struggling with accepting yourself or harboring feelings of loneliness and self-doubt, the rose quartz crystal can be ideal for your needs.

Along with dealing with feelings of self-doubt, rose quartz can also encourage love, warmth, and happiness among its bearers.

How to use rose quartz

If you want to shower yourself with the energies of love, you can either place a rose quartz crystal over your heart or close to your eyes, then breathe. When performing this, it is also essential that you encourage within yourself that you are loved.

Doing this regularly will allow you to clear any pent-up frustrations or unwanted, uncomfortable emotions — giving you a clean slate to begin with, the next day.

3.5 Sunstone

With unique, vibrant hues, one shouldn’t be surprised if they finally realize what the sunstone crystal is good at relative to your mental health: boosting creativity, productivity, motivation, and happiness.

If you know someone who struggles with these elements or is unmotivated to function or create art in the process, sunstones have a way of interacting with these things.

Besides their boosting components, sunstones are also believed to benefit those suffering from depression. They can also help you explore a new approach to thinking while keeping the negativity away. Other benefits include emotional stability and improvement in love relations.

How to use sunstone

Harnessing the power of sunstone in relation to its mental health benefits is easy. But first, you have to make sure that it is cleansed.

Keep sunstones close to your body. This, in effect, will allow you to experience its powerful vibration radiating so that it heals both your body and aura. The easiest way to attract this is by wearing one in the form of jewelry.

4. Healing crystals that can improve your physical health

There are many ways in which crystals can trigger benefits for your physical health. But which crystals are the most relevant nowadays is possibly the question you should be asking yourself.

Below, I have listed these crystals that you could very well incorporate into your routine and lifestyle to help you achieve that potential physical nirvana.

4.1 Bloodstone

They say the bloodstone crystal can heal your body after an ailment. This can be very true as it wards off many illnesses such as flu, colds, infections, and inflammation.

On the other hand, the bloodstone crystal is also noted for its ability to revitalize and re-energize users after injury and physical exhaustion.

And as the bloodstone is capable of invigorating your system, it comes as no surprise if it could also boost energy levels and endurance in physical activities.

How to use bloodstone

Bloodstone as jewelry is the best way to go about tapping its real power. This stone can render the said benefits if it is part of a necklace, pendant, or bracelet.

These same approaches also protect its users against internal and external opponents, providing you that much-needed strength to carry on.

4.2 Lapis Lazuli

For throat and thyroid issues, the lapis lazuli is right in your corner to help you combat these ailments. The same stone also boosts one’s immune system, lowering blood pressure, purifying blood, and soothing inflammation. Others also believe that the stone can benefit the respiratory system.

The lapis lazuli is also widely believed to relieve pain from migraines. It cleanses your organs and bone marrow; it can also cure sore throat. Many users also swear by its ability to alleviate many heart, spleen, eye disorders, and even virility.

How to use lapis lazuli

Like the previous crystal, the lapis lazuli can also be used in jewelry forms such as rings, pendants, and bracelets. You can also place one on an altar in your space to gravitate its powers that may address your physical needs.

4.3 Clear quartz

If you intend to experience the healing that is both effective and long-lasting, look no further than the alleviating powers coming from clear quartz.

Known as the “master healer,” the clear quartz crystal is also noted as a “revitalizer” of the physical. It can enhance your organs and even the most subtle portions of your body, cleansing you rather more deeply. 

The clear quartz crystal also stimulates your immune system and brings balance to your body. 

How to use clear quartz

This ultimate healer of a crystal can also be used as a reliever of headaches. This can be achieved by simply holding a clear quartz crystal to your forehead while sitting in a dark, quiet room. This approach is thought to direct the negative energy and pain away from your physical body.

You can also wear clear quartz as a bracelet.

4.4 Labradorite

When it comes to easing off ailments related to the respiratory system, the energies emanating from the labradorite crystal are simply sublime.

Accordingly, the labradorite can relieve arthritis, boost your immune system and metabolism, and alleviate chest infections; easing cold and flu symptoms is also one of its benefits.

The labradorite crystal is also said to reduce PMS, regulate hormones, lower blood pressure, and ease gout in the process.

How to use labradorite

There are many ways to get the best out of a labradorite crystal, especially when it comes to its healing properties. 

You can weave the labradorite into your wardrobe or place it in one of the corners of your home, where most interactions occur. The crystal can also be incorporated into gemstone bracelets.

4.5 Obsidian

Regarded as a protective stone, black obsidian essentially stimulates growth on all levels. It aids digestion while also acts as a detoxifier. The crystal is also said to reduce arthritis pain, cramps, and joint problems.

The obsidian crystal has also been used to ease gallbladder issues, establish good heart health, and lower blood pressure level. 

Meanwhile, it’s revealed that obsidian may benefit your muscle tissues. It is also associated with easing viral or bacterial infections. 

How to use obsidian

Meditating with the obsidian crystal in your hand is easily the best way to receive its powers more effectively. You can also keep it in your bag when you head out or place it adjacent to your root chakra. Apart from triggering these benefits, the said approach can also bring out security, experiencing grounding down the line.

Final thoughts

The vital synergy between our body’s physical and mental components can no longer be disregarded, especially nowadays, in which our world only requires the best and most prepared to thrive and survive. And to be part of the league, one must equip himself with the right essentials. You may start by asking yourself: What are the suitable healing crystals for mental and physical healing?

Choose one or two among these crystals we collated, or those that you’re most resonating with and you’ll be surprised just where they can bring you and what they can remove in the process.