Top Career Prospects After B.Tech In CSE

India boasts of possessing many great engineering institutes and in its heart lies Bhopal – home to several educational institutes. These colleges attract students from all across the country. All the top computer science engineering colleges in Bhopal offer specialisation in Computer Science Engineering. Upon finishing the course, students can work in several capacities – some of which are mentioned below.

Software Developer: In simple terms, software developers create software as per client specifications. They mostly work in a team, consisting of other Software Developers – each one of them handling a specific part of the software creation. In Software Development, one is not just writing the code for the software, rather the entire project is handled by the developer. From talking with the client to understand their needs, working out the requirements and to-do list, creating prototypes, testing, creating samples and regular updation of the said software. All the best colleges in Bhopal for Engineering train students primarily to work as Software Developers. One such popular institute that offers CSE is Mansarovar Global University. In India, the average salary for a Software Developer is INR 5,06,886 LPA.

Data Architect: Data Architects are generally a part of the IT team in companies. They help in building up electronic databases for new companies. To do so, research is done in order to understand the existing data storage structure. Thereafter, with the client requirements and budget in mind, new storage is created. For older companies, the Data Architect would make changes to upgrade the existing system and maintain it for future use. Data Architects do not go about building the actual structure, they define and plan the system. In other words, the outline for the structure is created by them. The salary of a Data Architect is INR 19,91,146 LPA.

Database Administrator: Graduates from the top B.Tech colleges in Bhopalproviding CSE specialization usually work as Database Administrators. Database Administrators are a part of the database team, along with Data Architects. The architect designs a plan for the database, whereas the Database Administrator makes sure the database is working as it should. The Administrator also takes care of the security measures. They need in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of a database to better perform their jobs. The average salary for a Database Administrator is INR 5,00,725 LPA.

Machine Learning Analyst: The role of a Machine Learning Analyst is similar to that of a Data Analyst but with the knowledge of Machine Learning. The Machine Learning Analyst creates algorithms or models that are used to make predictions and find patterns from datasets. All aspects of creating the model are handled by the Machine Learning Analyst. Some of their duties include designing, creating, testing, finding errors and maintaining the model. These professionals must have expert level knowledge of programming to create predictive models. Often these profiles need prior work experience in the field. The average salary for a Machine Learning Analyst is INR 7,00,699 LPA.

Hardware Engineer: Hardware Engineers design, develop, test and produce hardware components. Hardware refers to the physical components used in a computer. Some of the components they work on are processors, circuit boards, memory devices etc. They also work with sensors, processors and controllers in embedded systems. Hardware Engineers need to stay updated about the latest computer hardware developments. Most Hardware Engineers work at research laboratories and in computer manufacturing units. There is a constant growth rate in Hardware Engineering due to the increase in the use of computers and laptops. The average salary for Hardware Engineers in India is INR 2,46,290 LPA.

Cyber Security Consultant: As per the name, a Cyber Security Consultant is an expert from outside who is hired to work on specific projects in a company. Once the project is finished, the consultant may move on to another company. The focus of their work is to enhance protection in a company. Specifically, protection from cyber-attacks and online security problems. They also evaluate the present protection system in place, all risks and then provide solutions accordingly. This is an extremely important role for companies as many have a huge amount of confidential data. The role of a Cyber Security Consultant can also work out as a full-time position in the IT department. The average salary for this post is INR 7,09,236 LPA.

Computer and Informations Systems Manager: A Computer and Informations Systems Manager is a part of the IT team in a company. They perform several duties like analysing organizational needs and recommending upgrades to be made. They also look after the installation and maintenance of the said upgrades. The security of the company data and servers, finance and cost of IT projects is also controlled by the Computer and Informations System Manager. They must be up-to-date with the latest technology in the market. The average salary for this position in India is INR 10,08,413 LPA.

Marketing and Sales: Marketing and sales is one job position that can be performed by graduates from any stream. Specifically, students from CSE can look to work in marketing and sales for IT companies – companies that manufacture IT parts, computers and laptops. This position requires in-depth knowledge of the technology to convince the buyer to buy the said product. In terms of marketing, an individual with expert knowledge of software and hardware would be able to perform marketing duties better. The average salary for this role is INR 5,72,868 LPA.

Technical Writer: A Technical Writer is a popular job position that is creating a massive buzz in the job market. As a writer, the individual would work on creating articles, marketing copies, website write-ups and also work on authoring IT-related books. Written material on information technology requires the writer to have strong knowledge of the said field. Technical writers can work on a project to project basis with companies. The average salary for this role is INR 4,99,674 LPA.