Top Brands of Solventless Concentrates in Canada

If you’re looking for the best concentrates in Canada, you’ll want to check out the top brands of solventless concentrates. These goods are an excellent option if you want a pure and refined product because they are created without solvents. Solventless concentrates come in various forms, including wax, shatter, live resin, and budder. So whichever type of concentrate you prefer, you can undoubtedly discover a solventless option that’s right for you.


BIG is known for its high-quality concentrates in Canada, and they take an artisanal approach to creating flavourful and cost-effective products. Their proprietary process, the Hash Method, gently preserves the cannabis to maintain its flavour. Years of experience in the legacy market are evident in BIG’s distinctive products. Their live resin is very well-liked and has excellent flavour and strength. If you’re searching for a concentrate with a lot of punch, BIG is something to look at.

Kolab Project

Kolab Project is a cannabis company which collaborated with Aux Cannabis Group Inc., a leading consumer packaged goods company in the derivative cannabis market in 2020.  Kolab provides a fine range of cannabis products of the highest calibre. Their Ventures blog offers innovative cannabis- and artistic-related projects. One of their latest products is the Kolab Project concentrate. The high-quality cannabis used to make this product is intended to inspire to provide a creative and uplifting experience. You’re looking for a way to feed your head with creative inspiration.

EarthWolf Farms

A family-run company called EarthWolf Farms initially operated as a hops farm. When they decided to expand their operation, they turned to organic cannabis and never looked back. “Sun, Soil, and Smoke,” their company’s mantra, captures their commitment to making the best possible craft cannabis.  The mountain air gives their cannabis a unique flavour and aroma. EarthWolf Farms aims to give customers the most fantastic experience possible. Their concentrate is made from the finest ingredients and is designed to give you the most intense flavour and aroma potential. They produce cannabis concentrate utilizing organic and solvent-free techniques for medical, research, and recreational purposes, providing their clients with a wide selection of high-quality goods. When you try EarthWolf Farms cannabis, you will immediately taste the difference.


Avana is one of the most innovative brands in the cannabis industry, and its commitment to producing high-quality concentrates is second to none. The concentrate made by Avana is produced utilizing a unique procedure that results in a good of the most remarkable calibre and purity. Their sun-grown cannabis is hand-harvested and quickly frozen, also known as Whole Plant Fresh Frozen, or WPFF, to retain the maximum amount of the plants’ fresh monoterpene content.

The Avana team is constantly experimenting with new approaches to enhance its performance and provide the finest result for its clients. Every batch of Avana concentrates reflects their love of marijuana and commitment to their craft. Avana is a company you should look into to get the best cannabis experience possible.


BLKMKT has lately entered the market for solventless concentrates. The concentrate produced by BLKMKT utilizes a method that doesn’t involve solvents, making it more potent and pure. The concentrate is less processed than other products on the market, meaning it retains more of the original plant material. A Live Rosin version of their well-known exotic Indica-dominant strain Peanut Butter Mac is available. Customers can now purchase this medication in Ontario, which offers a golden, dabble concentration. As a result,  BLKMKT’s concentrate is a premium item and ideal for individuals seeking a potent and pure concentrate.


The newest brand to enter the cannabis concentrate market, Floresense, is creating a lot of buzz with its incredibly high-quality offerings. Some of the finest and strongest THC distillates on the market may be found in Floresense. With no impurities, lipids, fillers, or waxes, its perfectly extracted solventless cannabis-derived terpenes offer an unmatched smoking experience.

Floresense’s products are an excellent choice for people on a tight budget because they are also reasonably priced. With its dedication to value and quality, Florence quickly rises to the top of the weed concentrate industry.

Beurre Blanc

Beurre Blanc is a specialized cannabis business that uses traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology to create customized concentrates. Beurre Blanc’s rosin is made from small-batch craft cannabis (Jet Fuel Gelato X Orange Cookies), ice water, and pressure. Beurre Blanc’s rosin is juicy and has a texture similar to taffy. It is available in three strains: OG Kush, Gelato, and Orange Cookies

Beurre Blanc is dedicated to creating the best concentrates it is possible to make. To assure purity and efficacy, their products are all put through laboratory testing. Beurre Blanc is committed to giving customers a remarkable experience with concentrates.


As the cannabis business expands, more and more solventless concentrate brands are emerging in Canada. This is great news for cannabis users as it gives them more choices when consuming their favourite herb. We have listed some of the top brands of solventless concentrates available in Canada so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next batch. 

Take the dosage prescribed to treat your health problems, and since it’s more easy now, get solventless cannabis online. Enjoy your shopping!