These days, smartphone development trends have radically revolutionized all the models. It includes the marketplace, businesses, and operations. It is rising at a surprising cost. With ever-changing supplies and demands of the services/ products, mobile app development is prospering in the market. It is prominent across the globe with up-to-the-minute trends and technologies. It is estimating that by 2021, the annuity of the mobile app is likely to reach $693 billion.

The industry of Android is proceeding at a reckless speed. To endure/ prosper in this digitized era of Darwinian, you must be aware of the recent trends of Android app development.

You must have a deep insight into the most recent trends as it will help you to stay ahead in the market. But before you hire Android app developers, it is quite basic to be familiar with the latest trends.

Let us read this blog further to get an insight into the up-to-the-minute trends of Android:-

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning App Development

Emerj, the AI research and advisory company conducted a study. The survey states that the business of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expecting to expand by $40 billion. Despite the fact that this innovation you cannot term it as a wonder of this current year. Reason is quite simple as people are well aware of this innovation from the past years. This technology has already established its place in the segments of the worldwide market.  In 2021, it would be widely using by the commoners. 

Nowadays, retailers use Deep Learning or AI-powered ML (Machine Learning). They are using this to study the behavior of the user and improvise the products. It helps to engage and save money on the audience (that is inaccurate). They are doing it  in the form of direct writing of user feedback and oral polls. 


According to the estimation given by Grand View Research, the market size of Artificial Intelligence will rise. It will grow at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 42.2%. It is calculating for the years 2020 to 2027.

M-Commerce App Development

In this current year, the eCommerce conversion rates using smartphones (mobile apps) are 70% higher than mobile sites. 53% of the population use the brand’s app to make their purchase. Why? Because, it sends notifications and alerts base on the new arrivals, discounts, coupon codes, etc. 


As per the survey by Google, 66% of m-Commerce users buy their favorite at least once a week. Statista estimates, mobile eCommerce is poise for further expansion.
  1. Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) apps

Nowadays, people are more familiar about this innovation-IoT to extemporize their everyday life. It has given the user the automated control and convenience to manage things. One of the perfect examples of IoT collaboration with Android apps is smart homes. 

Thanks to the Android app development, you can adjust the thermostat of your home from a remote location. You can connect to the security systems, control the refrigerator and other such appliances. 

According to the reports sharing by Global Data by the year 2023, the IoT revenue is estimated to reach $318bn

Source: Windpower

In the year 2021, the approaches of IoT are utilizing in various sectors. Retail, production, global trading, finances, and Healthcare are some of the areas where it can be used. According to Financial Express, the advancement of AI has validated as a game-changer in the Agricultural sector. 

Chatbots Development 

If we check the latest Android app trends of 2021, we can clearly understand that the next user generation is keen to use the latest technology. The millennials opt for technology that can not only help to save time. It does the operations conveniently.

According to Markets and Markets by the year 2024, the market size of the Chatbot market will grow to USD 9.4 billion.

Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant are the most used standalone chatbots. You might have come across the chatbots inside the banking apps, Facebook, etc.

AR Apps Development

3D driving maps, Realistic gaming, are some of the phenomena of Virtual and Augmenting Reality. This technology has termed the “Achievement of the century” 

According to Statista, the revenue from the standalone from the customers and embedded AR mobile apps will amount to 15,497.53 million U.S. dollars globally.

There are innumerable grounds to confirm this claim (estimation). It will create a possibility to implement the approace of Augmented Reality (AR) everywhere. It can start from the production sector to the education sector. 

Instant Apps

The Android Instant apps are not all the new phenomenon. One of the great advantages of Android Instant Apps is the end-users need not download apps. It will decrease the needless interruptions and take extra space on the smartphone. 


One of the essential advantages of using Flutter for Android app development is native designs. The features that are simple to learn, and support for the development of MVP. 

Beacon Technology

From hospitality to retail, the Beacon technology in sectors can add superlative functionalities. This is the reason why businesses hire Android app development companies to target potential users. 

According to a report share by Geo Marketing, the number of deployment of beacon app development was suppose to reach 400 million worldwide by the year 2020.

Source: Statista

According to Statista by 2026, the Beacon technology is estimated development trends to rise at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 59.8%. It will reach around 56.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Final Note

There are millions of Android applications that are introduced in Google Play each year. The above-mentioned development trends will prove the best Android app development trends for 2021. There is no perplexity that the conglomerate of Android applications will keep on filling in wrath.

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The author is an Android app developer at MobileCoderz, the established mobile app development company.  He is a tech-savvy, passionate technocrat, business strategist, and has a focus to develop the greatest business of software using technological innovation. 


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